The Tortoise won!

….I am not good at being patient!….

But since becoming ill at the end of October I have had to lose the ‘hare’ in me and develop an uncustomary amount of ‘Tortoise’ in my persona!

I am very happy in these final days before Christmas, to be reporting that I have finally, hopefully conquered this long and really nasty bout of chest illness and am now up and about doing Christmassy type things like playing Carols in the background and wrapping presents. I suddenly feel I have more energy and verve and do not feel like I am being dragged into gloom and doom by my lungs, like I have been for so long. In fact I am probably more fully functioning than Heathrow Airport in this dreadful snow we have been having.

I guess I am lucky that the snow hit when it did, as just as I was thinking I was Wonder Woman again and could perhaps venture out further than the Drs or a hospital Appt, we all became housebound due to the weather!

It has taken a great deal of recovery and drugs to get me through this. And now, looking back on it, I should have given in and gone into hospital for IV treatment, but my track record of hospitalisations in the run up to Christmas is not good and I was so worried I would still be incarcerated on December 24th, but I’ve done it, the Tortoise has won.

I’ve taken a total of 5 courses of 3 different antibiotics, have dosed down 4 bottles of Mucodyne Syrup and have so far had 5+ weeks at 40mg of Prednisolone. I’ve also been through 5 boxes of Hypertonic 6% saline nebs (that’s 15mls a day nebbed on average) and countless, yes countless boxes of Ventolin nebs-I’ve been nebbing PRN but up to 2 hourly, and on a few days hourly. My GP said to keep all nebs and meds at their max in this time so when I announced last week that I was hoping to reduce the Pred, she said “not at the moment”. But I’m more or less back to my baseline drugs of 2 -3 Atrovent nebs and Ventolin nebs 1st thing in the morning, lunchtime, evening, and night time with puffers in between. This is brilliant for me. My Aminophylline level came back as 15.1 so that is also very good-high, and no doubt the result of all the antibiotics I’ve been on which have pushed the level up! But I’ve been told by the hospital to stay on the Mucodyne Syrup for the time being. It really works for me.

I’m still in a whole lot of lung pain and am still harbouring a gunky cranky cough, which I have to produce yet another sample of this morning-cue the picture of the sputum pot-no, just joking! But my breathing is, I guess, fair to middling, Yayness! I beat this pneumonia!

So my one final thing then is to show you the weather and the proof that this little Tortoise is now alive and kicking!

I also figured that to stand outside in the freezing cold for a few minutes would probably do me good! Apparently snow gives off a lot of oxygen and the extreme cold would have killed off the remaining bugs in my airways (I so hope!)

….And I would have asked J to take me to the Club for a Sauna afterwards, except they’s sent out texts to say they were shut due to being snowed in. Fail!!!….


17 Responses to The Tortoise won!

  1. wheezyheron says:

    Sus in the snow, sans O2… like, like, like πŸ˜‰

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas, and a healthier start to 2011 !

  2. Wheezyrunner says:

    Nice toque Sus!! Kerri told me you thought the word was amusing πŸ˜‰

    I’m very relieved to hear that you are doing better. Please be good still!! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

  3. James says:

    It is good to hear that you are starting too kick this thing. Have a great Christmas. God is good!!! πŸ™‚


  4. Steve says:

    What a great picture. Looks so wintery and christmasy. You
    look like you’re ready to hop on a snowmobile ! Im sure glad to
    hear that you’re finally turning the corner on that nasty bout of
    pneumonia. What a great Christmas present eh?.

    • Ha, snowmobile. I think not!! I’d walked about 50 meters from the car. That was enough! Great Christmas present indeed. It’s all I wanted. To feel better. And I know you’d agree with that one!! Xx

  5. I’m so glad to see you looking well. I’m quite shocked that you have more snow than we do…we tend to be quite snowy here in MA. It looks like no snow for Christmas either. Keep on feeling well!

  6. kerri says:

    Gorgeous picture, Sus! I love it!

    Natasha is right with the touque/puke pronunciation LOL. Or close to ‘cuc’ as in ‘cucumber’. πŸ˜‰

    I’m also glad to hear you’re feeling better minus the dang lungy pain. Keep up on the incline! πŸ™‚

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