Oh No! The Shot, and I got Reviewed too!

….So it’s Winter in the UK, and Two things are definitely certain….

It will snow. There will be ‘Flu.

And 3rdly….I will be forced to have The Shot!

And 4thly….Incredibly, I just got Asthma Reviewed at the same time!

My GPs surgery has been trying to give me my ‘Flu shot since late October, ie, since when I first got sick last term. Trouble is, I haven’t been able to have it as I’ve been too sick! And now I am over the pneumonia I had before Christmas, the country has run out of this year’s supply of ‘Flu Jab. And so my Doctors have had to track me down the 3 in 1 jab for this year’s dose in order to immunize me safely. Unfortunately, last year’s Swine ‘Flu shot was the one that made me very ill with an allergic reaction, and there is no way I was going to be put through that again. So I’ve had to wait until today, when I’m better and when they now have a dose of the 3 in 1 set aside for me.

So I turned up at 5.15pm to get my shot. Coughing, wheezing, and still on 30mg Pred and possibly not sounding exactly well enough to receive it.  At which point the Nurse got concerned, called the Doctor in and together they proceeded to give me a full on asthma check.

Out comes the PF meter.

I scored 260 (about 60%).

I was instructed to take 4 puffs.

  • “Good technique, why don’t you use a spacer?”

“Because if I need 4 or more puffs I use a nebulizer”

  • “Do you use a nebulizer every day?”

“Yes-(Sus thinks, ‘Oh My Lord’….and ‘can we please get on with my flu shot now’!)”

So anyway she documents my (low) PF, huge wheeze, (I’d just walked in from the car park twice, as the Waiting Room was too busy and too germy for me) weight, height, and then queries why I haven’t had an asthma check with her in like 2 years.

((Probably because I’m terrified of scaring her and I’m under the country’s top Lung Drs as it is, so pretty much, no need!))

At last, sidetracking done with, the Doctor slips out and the Nurse walks to the fridge and unwraps my Flu jab (wash your hands Nursey…..aaargh!)

And the Doctor  comes back in and gives me this drug leaflet to take to my upcoming hospital appointment. And gives me a stern lecture about not getting ‘all allergic’ to it this year, and to ice my arm and take paracetamol if it swells up even the tiniest bit.

And then I spotted her entry on the computer, you know, that bit that flashes up when there is a likely interaction. Apparently this 3 in 1 ‘Flu shot is likely to shoot my Aminophylline level up. Heck. I don’t want a sicky migraine toxic attack on top of cruddy lungs and post jab sore arm. Grrrr!

So I roll down my sleeve and the Dr wants me to take another 4 puffs of ventolin then repeat my PF (270)…. 8 puffs and I gained 10 points…. Oh dear! Then I still had to sit back in the Waiting Room for 15 minutes, and she came out to check on me, as did the Doctor. And then they told me to rest this evening if I felt ‘funny’. Ooo that’s a whacky medical word, ‘funny’!

So obviously, now I’m home, 6.20pm, and I’ve just had a peak at ‘the wound’ and I think ….so far so good, it’s understandably a  tad red but not throwing a swollen strop at me, there’s plenty of time for that!

But isn’t it weird, my shoulder already aches, I feel weirdly sick and I’m developing a mild headache.

….Oh well, I’ve got tomorrow to recover from The Shot before school on Wednesday, and even more germs….





4 Responses to Oh No! The Shot, and I got Reviewed too!

  1. kerri says:

    Evil shot. I hope you feel better from it soon!! Blah!! That looks ouchy.

    *hugs [the non-jabbed arm of course*

  2. Elisheva says:

    Is asthma review a standard thing in the UK? I don’t think I’ve ever had an actual official one.

  3. I last had a review in 2005! My surgery almost never do one with me as I’m under a lung specialist hospital and the Doctors’ Asthma Nurse doesn’t really have a clue!
    But I do know that in order to get their budget bonus each year they have to review all their asthma and diabetes patients. I usually get called by never bother to make the appt. This time I was captive. I walked in, wheezing and she said I needed an asthma review. Silly Nursey. She didn’t know I always sound like that! And she gave me a Paeds meter with the old (non EU) scale-I couldn’t believe how high I blew!

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