12 of 12: January 2011

…. So here follows my series of 12 photographs taken throughout today, the 12th of January, 2011….

This is a School Day for me-something my last two 12 of 12s have not been able to show as I was off sick for that chunk of time in the run up to Christmas.

I hope all of you reading have been having a Happy New Year so far!


1 ) Took My Early Morning Meds at 5.15am today. New regimen is to have a Benecol yoghurt with them. I’ve recently discovered my Cholesterol is too high so we’re tackling it the Benecol way!

2 ) Packed my bag ready for School-had to remember that I’ve got Choir before school so dug out my long lost hymn book and Choir music books.

3 ) I arrived at school at 7.30am. The dark wet morning made it look surprisingly Christmassy for mid January!

4 ) And school was so eerily empty at that time.  I had to sit outside my room on Scootie waiting for my key possessing colleague to arrive.

5 ) 8am. Choir in the Chapel was eerie and dark too as I was 1st to arrive. But I noticed the way the light shines through the wonky cross on the wall and thought it looked quite magical.

6 ) The music in choir is really great. We’re doing a gospel arrangement of Bridge over troubled water and this excellent Beatles medley which they started before Christmas and were singing really enthusiastically.

7 )  11.50am. I popped  home during period 3 for my lunch. It is too much for me to do the whole day without a decent break and so my time table is adjusted to allow me a ‘time out’ slot to rest and take my meds. I therefore just eat anything on a school day, and often at a strange time. I  quickly nuked this tin of Ratatouille and warmed my stat GF roll!

8  ) 1.55pm. Meanwhile back in my Period 4, Year 8 lesson introducing Indian Music, I was wrapping up our Raga work and promised to play them a youTube clip (always a treat) as they had worked so hard. They were fascinated by the speed of this Tabla players hands!

9 ) 2.50pm. Period 5 I was rehearsing with Emily. We played through her Suite Antique by John Rutter. It was so hot in the room and I was really struggling with my asthma, coughing every bar. Darn crazy air system!

10 ) 3.20pm. Julian picked me up from School and we dived straight into Waitose as we needed to do a biggish shop. Unfortunately the cold classroom/hot classroom/damp air outside had set me off something more than just a little bit and the flowers in Waitrose only added to it. I stood here taking my picture, sounding like I’d just smoked a packet of full tar. Embarrassing, yes!

11 ) 6.35pm The bath photo! I am currently using my Christmas gift bath smellies. The yellowy sprinkles on the bubbles are from Marks and Spencer. They are lemony fruity zested bath caviar sprinkles and wash off you like soap. Makes my bubbles more fun, plus my glass of wine and olives!

12 ) 7.40pm. Julian put himself in charge of supper. We haven’t had a take out ‘healthy’ kebab in ages so he went to Taste of the Mediterranean in Eastcote to pick these up. Mine (on the right!) is an Adana kebab-spiced lamb with  tomato sauce and greek yoghurt. J’s is a chicken and lamb shish. Plus he ordered some humus. A delicious end to a long school day. I’ve been up since 5am!

Night, night and see you next month!

….If you’d like to read other bloggers’ 12 of 12′s, go to Chad Darnell’s Blog.

((….Thank you, Chad for agreeing to do this for another year! ….))


6 Responses to 12 of 12: January 2011

  1. kerri says:


    . . . Hi Emily! 🙂

    Your bath looks lovely. I haven’t had bubbles in yearsss… I need to find some unscented ones or something, scents not only mess up my lungs, but my head!

    And I don’t know what you’re talking about boring pictures, I love them! Especially the light coming through your weird sideways cross ;). Great 12!

    • Wow, that’s totally, AWESOME-I’ll tell Emz!
      Funny, but I’m ok with gentle smellies and really like bubbly baths! But I can’t walk through the perfume Dept in a big store though!
      Yep-there was something about the weird whacky wobbly cross that got to me too! xx

  2. Tony says:

    Nice 12 of 12 photos to start a new year. My favourite is the one with the flowers. As always thanks for sharing your day and I’ll see you next month…

  3. Elisheva says:

    Wow. What time does the sun come up over there this time of year?

    I like how you went from a Jewish school to a Christian school. Can’t get away from religion, eh?

    Do you ever knock over the wine or get soap in the olives? That’s what I’d be nervous about.

    Mm… Mediterranean food. Except where I live, that’s just called “food”. 😛

    • We’re on Daylight Saving-it should be 8.30am when it is that dark outside at 7.30am! We’ve had the shortest day-things are improving in the afternoons but it is still very dark in the morning. Sunrise is still after 8am!

      Religion! Funny that. I was offered a similar post at the Catholic school up the road, but this was a better school-being selective on the grounds of religion does improve our grade average, incredibly plus we have smaller class sizes!

      And no, I’ve never knocked the olives or wine in-I’m a pro at bath snacks-and yes, we eat mainly mediterranean food here too-all those colours on the plates and in salads just lift your mood!

      Thanks for stopping by-hope the US of A is still fun! xx

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