From Igloos to Greenhouses!

….I know I’ve said I’ve had such a good 3 days at school….

But Oh My Goodness, oh my goodness, if only they could and would do something about the ridiculous air supply to our department. I suppose most people have learned to cope with it or just get on and work in it without realising how bad it is. And this is mid-winter. Last summer we had such a bad build up of CO2 it was totally unhealthful.

I feel every breath is a case of my learning to compensate.

The Music Tech room where I teach most of my classes is far too cold. I often feel the need to allow pupils to keep their coats on, some even wear fingerless gloves. It’s not just that we are the thin end of the ‘Wedge’ block and have 2 large outdoor walls, but the internal thermometer on the air con just doesn’t seem to work. There is also a huge IT suite upstairs where you can apparently see your breath!

The Large Music room I teach in on Thursdays and 1st thing Friday morning is absolutely stifling. I always prop the door open with the percussion trolly, but then have to suffer the noise of the drum lessons as the sound proofing doesn’t work.

Going from one room to t’other all day long over 3 days is just about the worst thing to do to an asthmatic’s lungs. I find it absolutely dire and just cough and cough. My last rehearsal with Emily on Thursday afternoon was like one long asthma coughing attack.

The heat and stuffiness also make it so soporific for the pupils. But we just can’t seem to do anything about it.

The Music Dept is the white square bit

on the right of the ‘wonky cross’ chapel

shown in this picture.

No rooms have opening windows.

The Music Practice rooms are like slow cookers or microwave steamers.

The Chapel, I will add, is another veritable igloo. I cough my way through my weekly Wind Band rehearsal as the cold gets to me when I have come from the heat of the large Music room.

For those of you who know my school-we are a new campus, we have been on this site not even 2 years and have complained fruitlessly countless times. But nothing seems to have been done about it.

All we can do is dress in layers and pull off or put on as necessary!

….And go outside the main hub area for some deep breathing and real fresh air, if and when our timetables allow…..


4 Responses to From Igloos to Greenhouses!

  1. Elisheva says:

    I actually am usually the last person to notice that air is muggy or still or whatever. Is that weird?

    • A trifle odd-but I’d never say you were weird! 😉
      Most asthmatics do not tolerate muggy humid airless air, and any changes in air usually set twitchy lungs off! x

      • Elisheva says:

        Hah! Thanks. I can tell when the air is really clear and easier than normal to breathe and when it’s humid and muggy I can tell too. But whever people are like “do you mind if I open the window? The air is really still in here”, I generally don’t notice things like that until they’re pointed out to me. Then once the window is opened I can feel the difference.

      • There is nothing better than good fresh air. I am the first person to dive towards a shut window to open it. I like a howling gale coming in! Xx

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