The Headache From H*ll!

….I keep thinking my head has exploded….

Since Saturday I have had the most G-d damn awful migraine I’ve had in years. I have thoroughly depleted my supply of Imigran tablets, nose sprays and I’ve even had 2 injections, but the exploding headache is still there-right through my eye like I’ve been shot.

On Sunday afternoon I felt quite delerious and just went to bed. Couldn’t even think about facing the Club and having a swim. Ack.

And last night I was writhing in agony feeling about as sick as a parrot could be and this morning I succumbed to the toilet bowl being my best friend. I feel most peculiar, weird really, dizzy, flushed, and very odd.

However today, Tuesday, I now know this isn’t a migraine. But a latent reaction to my body making it’s immunity to that ‘Flu shot I had a week ago. Yep-it’s mini psudo ‘Flu, or Sus ‘Flu!

Hence this headache is actually that horrid ‘Flu headache-you know, the one accompanied by a temperature and aching limbs-both of which I have, and flushed red cheeks too.

So countless Imigran doses and mega Paracetamols later I still have the Headache from H*ll.

OK so I might not be going to get the real oink ‘Flu this year (having had a pseudo Pneumonia already),

….But what that silly Nursey didn’t tell me last week was that my head was going to blow up….


4 Responses to The Headache From H*ll!

  1. Steve says:

    How awful. Sounds like a cluster headache.

    Have you tried hooking your oxygen up to a face mask and cranking up the liter flow as high as it will go? Do it for like 10 minutes or so. We use to do this in the ER for people who had severe headaches.( Will only work with an O2 tank, not a concentrator.)

    I hope these things go away soon.

    • Steve, your advice is exactly what my GP said to me earlier today and I did whack up my O2 with a facemask on earlier and although it didn’t feel better at the time, it has now improved a lot. I have often wondered if my migraines were a tad cluster headache like, although they are different conditions and I’ve had classic migraines since age 6!
      Silly Flu shot. Has caused me a right hassle yet again this year.
      Thanks for your spot on advice xx

  2. Poor you!
    If it weren’t a reaction to the flu shot, I’d suggest phenegren…the few times I’ve been to the ER because my migraine wouldn’t go away, they’ve done a phenegren injection…and the migraine broke in a few minutes.

    Feel better…I often think head pain is some of the worst to endure.

    • Ouch, Sara. I’ve never showed up at the ER with a migraine but I have Imigran injections which are pretty strong. I was once given a morphine shot and it threw my lungs into a right old spasm.
      I truly agree migraine is the worst pain one can bear. I even think mine can cause me more distress than my asthma.
      They are certainly as disabling.

      Hugs to you all xx

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