Bex. RIP. A Tribute.

….I had some very sad news on Friday evening….

Becky Harvey, Bex to those of us who knew her, was a good friend for 5 years. She sadly passed away at her home in Devon yesterday morning, peacefully. I met Bex as we were both patients under the same team of Lung Doctors at the Royal Brompton Hospital. She had severe brittle asthma and used to cause them a merry song and dance trying to sort out some sense of stability in her condition. She was a lively intelligent person-the same age as me, but also the Mother of four teenagers.

In the last few years Bex had gained a myriad of serious health problems on top of her asthma. A severe, life threatening problem with her bowel nearly led to her demise, but after 5 months in hospital she pulled through. Bex had a wondeful network of Family and Friends caring for her, which she really needed, but she still insisted on doing anything medical herself, needling her port-a-cath, injecting her many drugs, flushing her IVs through. Bex was quite a pro at everything she had to deal with.

Her sense of humour was something I latched onto-that sense of not wanting to be ill and desperately trying to ‘crack the code’ and beat this illness. Bex was a dab hand at the Times Crossword. I remember having a competition with her once when we were both in patients at the RBH-we tied-we both couldn’t get the same answer!

On another occasion, I was visiting her in hospital and was so wheezy that when the Drs came in to see her they ended up carting me off, and low and behold I was admitted too. I always thought she’d secretly arranged to have me abducted so we could have fun together!

And another time, fearing we would both be in for our 40th birthday’s we decided to plan a joint celebration on the ward should that happen. It kept us going-dreaming of filling IV drips with champagne, which she loved.

Well, dear Bex is now breathing easy and drinking champagne with the angels. Se will be sorely missed. A larger than life personality, she was also, even with her extreme illnesses, a moderator on Asthma UK, an enthusiastic football supporter, a campaigner for the Liberal Democrats, and a Pagan!

My love and prayers go out to her Sister, Jo and her 4 children who she leaves behind so prematurely.

She is at peace from her illnesses now,

….But I know she’ll be ramming a few ankles in heaven with that electric wheelchair of hers….


14 Responses to Bex. RIP. A Tribute.

  1. Danielle says:

    Very sorry to hear this. Very unsettling news, and she sounds like a real fireball! Thinking of you oxo

  2. James says:

    A wonderful tribute to your friend, Sus! What a blessed friendship you two had, writing this post could not have been easy. May her life be a blessed memory.

    Much Love…xxx

    • Thanks, James. It really helped me to think out loud on the page like that. I’ve had a little chuckle about our antics as well as the sadness. She is truly peaceful now. I believe that. Take care xx

  3. Olivia says:

    Sus, never and easy post to write but what a wonderful tribute to Bex. i didnt know you knew her. I knew her through AUK and we chatted on msn and facebook but I had not seen her about for sometime and she hadnt replied to a few messages I left her so suspected she must have been struggling.

    bex was always there to listen to your grumbles and would have words of wisdom to help you sort them out and make the most out of a bad situation. She shared her knowledge with others and helped people out.

    thank you for writing this post.

    Bex you will be sadly missed but you are now flying free. there will be one more star shining ever so brightly now. RIP Bex Breathe Easy

    • Olivia, thank you so much for adding your memories here. That is wonderful. I know you’ll miss your msn chats with her. She truly had a lot of knowledge and was never slow in giving us needy advice. She is breathing easy now, we both know. Love and hugs xx

  4. kerri says:

    I love the sounds of her already, and I’m sure there are many more happy stories that her family is remembering of her during this hard time.

    Lots of love, and thinking of and praying for all of you.

  5. Oh, Kerri, she would have loved you! ‘Mad as Toast’ was how she described herself-totally dizzy and bonkers to the end-a true eccentric but full of so much love with her quirkiness and full of so much asthma knowledge too. A sad loss but an angel gained. Bless you xx

  6. Pam Hunter says:

    I am Becky’s mum. thank you so much for the lovely things you said about her. You obviously knew her very well! She has been very poorly since coming home but we had Christmas together which was lovely. Her sister, husband and 4 gorgeous children are all devastated. All the great tributes are a great comfort, she has touched so many people’s lives. We know that she is at last at peace. I am so proud of her of my darling daughter.
    Thanks again, take care. love Pam

    • Pam, I cannot begin to understand your loss. I am so moved that you took the time and trouble to find my blog and write this reply. May God give you all strength at this time. Susannah xx

  7. Bing says:

    Didnt know Bex in person but i know she was a great Plymouth Argyle fan, and made many friends through her love of our club. Was a joy to have rEad some of her posts and the debates she started. If any of you want to read the many messages left for her please check out


  8. Elisheva says:

    Oh, Sus! I’m so sorry to hear this. I saw that you had said on FB that you had received some sad news and I was wondering what it was. She sounds like she was a great person and those of us who didn’t get to meet her during her life missed out. I loved the anecdotes, especially the ones about the champagne. Now that’s the stuff!


  9. Aw, Thanks Eli7. You’re always such a good friend! I just find it unfathomable sometimes why some people have such suffering in their short and packed lives. I know Bex is at peace now and I hope that same peace can eventually help her family pull through this awful time xx

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