Call me “Frosty Foggy Head!”

….I woke up at 4.30am with a screaming migraine!….

Ventured downstairs feeling pretty sicky, because I knew I had to hit this hard with Imigran and quickly, and it is kept in the kitchen cupboard. That of course meant I woke the dog up and she’d then need watering.

So at 4.30am I was standing in the garden whilst she performed, albeit she stood on 3 legs as it was so frosty her paws were  unbearably cold!

I had no idea we’d had such a bad frost and I certainly had no chesty rumblings and grumblings to suggest the thick fog that greeted us both out there at that time.

My lungs are the barometric detectors of all things foggy-I don’t even need to open the curtains to tell you what the weather is doing-usually! But today they were totally clear and it was my head that threw a massive migraine strop at me.

Blurry, hazy morning fog indeed. But somehow it was all in my head and not my lungs. I’ve never had it this way round before. Although for the past 4 days I have been waking up with muzzy heads. Today I got the full on full blown Imigran needing migraine. I wonder why? Atmospherics or strange pollution?

It’s 9am and it’s lifted now, the fog and the muzzy head. Even more mysterious!

….I’m just feeling extremely short of sleep…. and the little doggie wants to play!….


2 Responses to Call me “Frosty Foggy Head!”

  1. Elisheva says:

    Feel better. My flatmate also had a migraine last night. Seems like everyone I know gets ’em but me. I guess I’m lucky?
    Oohhh doggy!

  2. Tell your flatmate I sympathise with her!I often think my migraines are even more disabling than my extreme asthma/SOB. x

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