12 of 12: February 2011

…. So here follows my series of 12 photographs taken throughout today, the 12th of February, 2011….

So what’s news this month? The year is flying by. We are rapidly approaching Valentine’s Day,  I’ve got one more week until Half Term and I’m up to Day 257 in my Project 365. With Today being a Saturday, there is lots more variation going on in my life, but the most noticeably different thing this month is that we now have our little doggie, 6 month old Anna-Bell. We adopted her 2 weeks ago and she is quite the most gorgeous little girl. So if you like Chihuahuas there are a few photos below.

Anyway, Enjoy, my day! I hope to read and enjoy yours too!

1 ) 4.15am I woke up for more water and of course found myself in the garden potting the dog at 4.30am! This is my shadow on the fence. Julian’s night time search light is so bright it makes our back garden almost like daylight in the dead of night.

2 ) 6.20am. J’s alarm went off and he was amazed to find Anna-Bell sleeping next to him in the bed. I’d taken her up with me at 4.30am and she’d burrowed her way under the covers!

3 ) 6.45am Poor J is on Earlies all weekend, so I made his breakfast before taking him to the station.

4 ) 8.05am My Tesco’s online shopping turned up-2 hours early! As we have it delivered the ‘green’ way, sans bags, I just have to dump it all in the hall these days else the dog will do a door dash-(something we are working on preventing!) She is of course, naturally inquisitive and was right in there sniffing out the packages!

5 ) 10.45am I pottered about and did the ironing, and Anna-Bell settled down in her bed  in the kitchen for a sleep. This photo is taken from our Slingbox. Julian installed a dog-cam so I can keep a check on her wherever I am, rather like a baby monitor!

6 ) 11.30am Anna-Bell was still snoozing so I took the opportunity to do 10 minutes of tidying in the back garden-it was so windy last weekend that we had bits of our ornamental grasses blown everywhere, so I raked them up. It’s amazing how much neater it all looks after just one simple chore.

7 ) 12.15pm Lunch time. I fancied  a prawn roll. So here’s my GF sub, and prawns with Hellman’s extra light mayo as I am still watching my cholesterol. The grapes were my attempt to eat something other than a carb lunch which I needed!

8  ) 1.05pm Anna-Bell and I went to visit my Sister’s family so they could meet her for the first time. She travels in a very smart pink travel box in the back of  Falcon, our big Merc. She was so good and just slept in her box-no whimpering or whining at all!

9 ) 2.30pm The Boys, S-J, Dave and I took Anna-Bell for a walk around their estate. It was a glorious sunny afternoon and she was bounding along so excitedly, totally out-walking me, who had to sit on selected house walls to recover both energy and puff. What a fab time we all had.

10 ) 3.20pm After our walk, S-J made tea and had these delightful little cakes the Boys has made at school, complete with doggie style decorations on the top. I’ve brought a couple home for Julian. She also got me a GF banana cake. I was thoroughly spoilt by my lovely big  Sis this afternoon!

11 ) 6.45pm The bath photo! I was so tired I literally sank into this bath-complete with my Times Jumbo crossword from today’s Times newspaper. I haven’t had a glass of wine in 3 weeks so I was drinking Roses’s lime cordial. A totally heavenly, bubbly soak!

12 ) 7.35pm Dinner. And we had Mexican! Well, you can’t own a Chihuahua without being a fan of Mexican food now, can you?! I made beef burritos, green veggies, salsa, and a few refried beans and we had a delicious Caesar salad to start.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my diary day, 12 pictures taken on the 12th of the month and complete with a little Chihuahua now!

Night, night and see you next month!

….If you’d like to read other bloggers’ 12 of 12′s, go to Chad Darnell’s Blog.


12 Responses to 12 of 12: February 2011

  1. kerri says:

    That picture of you with your pink jacket cuddling Anna-Bell is my favourite! It’s so . . . Sus! [Maybe a little Legally Blonde also, but that is full of awesome either way :)].

    Happy 12th!

  2. Elisheva says:

    You’re such a good doggy mummy now 🙂 Anna-Bell is one lucky dog. Also at some point, I gotta get me a bath like yours. Looks amazing…

    • Aw you’re so kind to say that. She is something of a surrogate child now. Our bond is immense after just 2 weeks. And Julian is a brilliant Daddy with her!
      Come to London and stay-that is the guest bathroom=deepest bath! x

      • Elisheva says:

        Yup. Now that all us kids are out of the house, my parents spoil the dog like crazy and treat her like a real child. They say she deserves it after being at the bottom of the totem pole for so long.

        Would it be weird if next time I come to London, I come over just to take a bath? I’d most likely be staying with Debby, as always…

  3. Never weird, Eli7-just get yourself over here…. and be licked and woofed at by A-B, and you’ll want a bath!!!!! xx

  4. Jill says:

    Ooooohhhh! Anna-Bell is so adorable. Congratulations on your new addition. 🙂

  5. Tony says:

    Nice 12 of 12, the dog is cute…. The cupcakes look tasty. Anyway, thanks for sharing your day., see you next month…

  6. That looks a lovely 12 of 12 day, with a new dog, family, cupcakes and a bath… I look forward to seeing your 12s, and this was good as always!

    Sorry I’m a bit late commenting – here at last (and my own 12 posted too). Just a busy time!

    Helen (Dogeared)

    • Thanks, Helen. My 12 are always like a bit of a diary, I know. I look back on them and remember the things I’ve done during the day. Every one is pretty similar if it’s a weekend. Never enough time is there!
      Off to look at yours now! x

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