“Calm Assertive”

February 26, 2011

….This is my new mantra in life….

Since becoming a dog owner, and at that, a Chihuahua Mummy, I have adopted the same outlook on life and pet management skills as preached by The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan.

Incredibly the training and housebreaking and pack leader-ing is all done through assertive body language in a calm way. Not necessarily vocal commands, not shouting at your dog when it does something wrong, not telling your dog how to behave, but by showing you are the “alpha member”, the one to be obeyed and looked up to. Dogs of every kind are pack animals and want their leader to be in charge of them. They look to us as owners for that strength and guidance. That is when they are their most totally balanced and secure. I have learned this from scratch really in the 4 weeks we have had our Anna-Bell. She is now well on the way to becoming totally at one with us and with Poppy, J’s Mum’s big Labrador. The old adage of little dogs being snappy and yappy especially around big dogs, is now, for us, just a myth. She wants to please us in all that she does. We have even cracked her finicky eating habits this week and she is now Poppy’s best friend-so cute!

So how am I also applying my new mantra of “Calm Assertive” to my life and health issues. Well, for starters, I know I’m currently in a stable, or so called, purple patch-even the hospital said they thought I could reduce to baseline meds, and I have done so-So what better time to start being newly calm and assertive with this wretched illness.

  • Hold my head up high. Who cares how I feel-I’m not one to look sick!
  • Get those shoulders back and be proud of who am I, illness included.
  • Remember getting stressed doesn’t help one bit.
  • Exert some authority on my health-take charge-don’t just be submissive, therefore letting myself feel totally pants all the time.
  • Feel proud of the little achievements and small steps, and the bigger steps will follow suit.                                                                         ((OK-so my swimming has taken a slight back seat since we have had A-B, but the time out from the pool has allowed her to quickly become settled and balanced in our lives and I have been concentrating on improving my walking skills and therefore exercising different muscle techniques, which is of course, a positive thing.))

And Ok, I guess I have had less time to do my own thing since having A-B, but my own thing was often just spent selfishishly wrapped up in dwelling upon my health issues. It didn’t necessarily make me a better person. I was possibly more neurotic than I am now, 4 weeks later. I certainly didn’t have the ‘raison d’etre’ that I now have. Of course my health issues and the need to stay on top of how things are in the lung department and my many exploding headaches is always there in the fore front of my mind, but it’s not just my whole life now, nor Julian’s I am happy to say.

I may have illness, but it does not have me.

….And I shall try to remain calm and assertive in the lung department next time I’m faced with a biggie flare. I know that panicking does nothing to improve the situation. I need to be in control, on top of, and calmly in charge of all things. Doggie, lungy, headachey-you name it!….