Rotten Ribs! (and pain again)

….Once again the whole of my left side is wracked with agonising pain and I hardly know how to cough….

So most of Half Term last week was spent in a cloudy migraine haze, and I guess because my head was exploding so much I didn’t realise quite how much lung and rib pain I had particularly on the lower left side of my rib cage.

And now I am coughing more without the headaches I really am in agony with this rib pain. I think it is possibly time for me to give in and because I have the time today, I could quickly visit my GP and get another chest x-ray done. Not because I think there is anything particularly ominous going on with my left lung but  because I’d like to know I’ve done nothing more than pull a bunch of intercostal muscles.

Rib pain is something I suffer from, from time to time. I don’t know whether it’s because I have a weakness in my chest area or if it’s just because I’m a bit of a skinny mini. My physio works with me to help me find ways of clearing my airways and coughing without pulling so many muscles and ending up in so much pain although currently I know I’m not coughing properly and therefore I have too much mucus rattling around. Whilst my asthma is actually in a good patch at the moment I’m ending up with more of a chesty cough and am concerned that on my return to school this week, I’ll probably pick up the first germs going. The easiest way for me to cough at the moment is to hold a pillow to the left side of my chest but this is not going to be possible when at school. Neither is breaking down into paroxysms of spasmodic hacking whilst writhing in agony! And in the classroom in front of my kids!

So my thoughts today on the matter are to get my chest x-rayed and happily be told I’ve just got to take a few more painkillers and stick a heat patch or two on my side and hopefully by the weekend this pain may have alleviated a little bit.

All is well with the rest of me apart from the recent wet, windy low weather pressure causing me to have been stricken with constant migraines over the last 10 days. Half Term is over,  school is back and I’m really looking forward to the challenges of new projects.

….I just wish I wasn’t suffering from such rotten ribs! ….


8 Responses to Rotten Ribs! (and pain again)

  1. Steve says:

    Are you sure you haven’t cracked one? Sometimes people cough so intensely that they fracture a rib ( been there, done that.) Could be pleurisy too, but hopefully it’s like you said, just sore intercostals.

    • Definitely haven’t got Pleurisy-it’s something I’ve had enough of to know when I do have it-and it’s not one rib but the whole left area so I’ve wrenched a bunch of those darn muscles! x

  2. James says:

    Ouch, it sounds painfully. I hope you get some good news. xx

  3. Elisheva says:

    Ouch! I know how much my coughing can hurt sometimes when it gets excessive, but it’s nothing like yours has gotta be. I hope you get some positive news too. Feel better!

    • It’s all ok, Eli7-not even excessive coughing-just that I must have wrenched something-yet again! whilst coughing. But the urge to cough is always worse when you know how much it is going to hurt! x

  4. Thanks, Guys.

    I got it checked out. My GP seemed to think the area where it hurts is in spasm so was happy to say it is definitely muscle pulls and not anything else. And as I agreed with her, I didn’t therefore go along for a CXR-the less radiation the better.
    I’m supposed to be keeping warm and resting so as to not worsen it!

    Sus xx

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