Sofa Slumbering!

…..It seems that every night, without fail, Anna-Bell and I konk out on the sofa for a nap that usually lasts about 2 hours!….

And whilst this snoring is going on (the dog not me!) Julian catches up with watching backlog episodes of Deal or or Deal (enough to send anybody to sleep) and plays around with his Nikon and macro!

It’s not just because I have a dog to cuddle that I fall asleep the second dinner is over, it’s just that my body works so hard to get through the day on half a normal person’s lungs, that everything is really twice as much effort and I go through life permanently shattered. It has unfortunately been getting steadily worse, this need of mine to sleep at a moment’s notice, although I really do not sleep well in bed at night. Crazy! And yes, I do have lower oxygen levels in my body which drains me, and yes, I do sleep at night with oxygen so perhaps I should be wearing it when I’m sleeping in the evening too-something Julian goes on and on about to me!

In the Autumn/Winter when I was so sick before Christmas, I spent weeks upstairs in bed, needing those duvet days of total R and R, TV, snacks and chicken soup. But in January, at exactly the same time as getting Anna-Bell, we also got two new sofas for our TV room, one of which is a sofa bed ((canny move there, Sus!))

So instead of napping upstairs, or going to bed early like any sensible person would do, we all curl up on the big black leather sofa with the warm, furry throws-bought with the dog in mind!

I do feel sorry for Julian. We used to have a great little social life-the odd meal out: the odd drink at the pub which is walking distance for a healthy guy. Now I feel we are pinned in by my chronic and constant exhaustion. We do occasionally go out for a drive after dinner. Something that was fun over Christmas to see the lights and the snow. Now we put the Puppy to bed (she sure needs her sleep too,) and we pile in the warm merc. I love these night drives, but I’m always on the verge of drooping eyelids as we ogle the big houses on the private estate in Northwood!

Of course it’s really nice to get the occasional take-out but I do miss odd meals out. Although the economy has sure put paid to that too! I’m really hoping I can improve my level of fitness to something a bit better than hibernation now that Spring has sprung. I am back enjoying my swimming at the Club-wretched rib pain and asthma permitting, and I want to enjoy the longer days and lighter evenings instead of feeling, (and sadly, I do feel this), that I am sleeping my life away.

So OK, I haven’t been at all well, actually J hasn’t either. It’s truly been a bummer of a winter.

…..But we have new sofas and a new puppy to cuddle, so, you know, I might just continue this sofa slumbering, until the weather really warms up, and so what!……


2 Responses to Sofa Slumbering!

  1. Elisheva says:

    Such cute pictures!

    You have two floors in your house? How did you manage the stairs when you were so sick?

    What about driving to dinner out? Can you do that?

    Here’s hoping for a healthier spring. Sending healthy vibes to you all!

  2. …Thanks, Eli7 and hope you are looking forward to a fun and whacky Purim too.

    When I am really sick I live upstairs. Have everything we need up there too. Little fridge, kettle etc. The spare room is like a home hospital for that reason!

    But one of our new sofas is a sofa bed so should I ever need to live downstairs….!! x

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