Slightly Defeated Sus

….We just had these new doors fitted on Tuesday….


I’m hoping that any dust in the air has now cleared. We were scrupulous with our cleaning,washing down surfaces, dyson-ing, washing down more surfaces, etc etc. And all that after dust sheeting to kingdom come and sealing up the rooms we did not need to go in down stairs.

Then add to that fact the weather-yes, low pressure, high pressure now a really windy day-and it’s no wonder my lungs are in disarray.  There’s particulate galore blowing around outside even if I think we are on track with the dust and air again indoors.

Most people love an excuse to not be at work and be sick or take a duvet day, but this is really awkward for me. I’ve got a full on day, plus detention duty, and a Parents Evening. Make that, I was due to have….. But here I am in bed coughing and wheezing and feeling absolutely shattered after a bit of a bad night with the old asthma. And my rib pain is just extreme now. Nothing will touch it.

I can blame a whole host of things like the above, but I’m also feeling a bit overwhelmed by work. I guess a day out of it, genuinely off sick doesn’t really hurt, althoughI have this immense sense of pride. I’m also not a skiver. Ack. Sometimes this happens. I have this illness. Sometimes it flares up like this, randomly, sometimes it wins more than I can cope with.

….I guess that’s also why I feel defeated and deflated by this sudden reality check…..


8 Responses to Slightly Defeated Sus

  1. Elisheva says:

    May you use those new doors in good health!

    I hope you feel better soon, Sus. I hope your day off of work helps you get back to being yourself and you can go back tomorrow (hah. Work on Fridays. Weird :P)

  2. asthmagirl says:

    I hope you feel better soon. Particulate just slays my lungs so I feel for what you’re going through. Hopefully your baby dog is good company while your down. As much as I share your guilt over asthma episodes I have to remind myself that it does no good to feel guilty over something I can’t control.

    • ….you put that so well. I have got to stop beating myself up every time I am off sick. People take far more days off than I do and like you said-this is something I can’t control.
      No more dust and particulate has come down. I am so happy. This was just a mixture of randomness, lungwise.

      I cuddled baby dog all day really-she was very energetic in the evening to make up for it. We had a 4 hour sleep in the afternoon. So healing! xx

  3. Steve says:

    Are those doors made of wood? They look very high tech.

    Sorry to hear that your lungs are acting up. Just isn’t fair.
    Do you think the dust from the construction made you sick or did your flare just come out of the blue?
    I know here in California allergies are in full swing.

    • Boring bit: They are UPVC. In England we replace our old wooden ones with them, and the windows too. We had new windows put in 2 years ago. Our frames were rotten and mouldy and I know my asthma has improved since getting them changed. The kitchen is so much warmer without the old draughty integral door! Plus the ‘7 throw bolt’ lock systems reduce your house insurance premiums!

      I think this tiny mini flare did come sort of out of the blue plus maybe a bit of dust helped it happen, although all the surfaces are clear of dust now, so the air dust has gone. I am still going to wipe everything in the kitchen twice daily.

      My allergies are early – usually starting around now-but I have not seen any Birch trees with catkins on yet-that is the one that’ll get me! xx

  4. James says:

    I love the doors, Sus!

    Hang in there! I am also a person that doesn’t call-in sick, for me anyway. There have been times that I did call-in because my children were sick. Although, there have been days when I should have. Take care and I hope those pesky lungs start behaving.


  5. Good on you, James. I was so hoping to get to Easter without a sick day this term, after last term’s 17 days off epic. Darn it. I guess that is why I am hauling myself in today. I look sickly pale and sound so wheezy, there’ll be no thinking I’d skived yesterday! xx

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