A Wibbly Wobbly Week!

….This week I have not been very well, and even crashed out of two days of school….

I’d been feeling off colour and under the weather since Tuesday. My stomach was so tender and making grumbling and growling noises like it had a Tsunami of it’s own sloshing around inside. I went to school on Wednesday and said to Sue how decidely off colour I was feeling and that my stomach was sore and bloated-not in the distended sense of the word bloated-just really uncomfortable. I kept having to find moments for trips to the loo-250m away. Even on scootie, I had a few mad dashes there!

But I didn’t know ‘the bug’ was going to hit me until 1am in the next morning. Up down, up down like a yo-yo, I was. My poor tummy turning itself head over heels. Plus I had the stonker of all headaches-not a migraine though,-plus a high for me (99.2f) temperature.

So that was that. I phoned in sick on Thursday, barely lifting my head off the pillow as that was how wiped out I was. I stayed on the sofa under a blanket all day-and just yards luckily from the closest bathroom.

I did manage to eat-dry crackers, dry toast, dry rice cakes, mashed potatoes for supper-and had loads of fluids and gatorade and sweet tea.

Unfortunately though, I was similarly crushed-well, maybe the tiniest bit less so the next day and had to phone in sick again-a double whammy of a non-asthma absence-almost unheard of for me.

But on the Friday I also had to get myself in to school in order to leave cover work. Something that required Herculean efforts from me to not keel over, need the loo or flop in a heap in the car. But I did it!

And although I spent virtually the whole of Friday in bed asleep, I still felt ropey for Julian’s birthday on Saturday which was a shame. I dont know any one else who has had this bug. It doesn’t seem to be doing the ropes at school and J has not come down with it either-phew! Friday Night Chinese was distinctly unappetising and I had a bowl of chicken soup!

….At the time of writing this on Sunday I am feeling very thirsty and have just finished my 3rd cup of lemon tea at 8.30am. I guess I still need fluids. At least the headache and stomach troubles have finally gone!….


4 Responses to A Wibbly Wobbly Week!

  1. Steve says:

    Sounds awful, but Im glad your lungs didnt get into the act.
    I wonder if you caught it from someone at school. You know kids are little germ factories, right?

    I sure hope you have a better Spring than you’ve had this past winter.:-)

  2. Elisheva says:

    Feel better, Sus! ❤

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