Prescription Prepayment Certificate (PPC)

….Today I need to renew my Prescription Prepayment Certificate, PPC, for another year….

I know my friends in the US will freak out to know this-but all my prescriptions, food stuffs and weight gain supplements cost me the price of a 12 month PPC. So in converting to US$s,  that is about $200 to you. I actually take home about $2000 worth of medical supplies a month but pay $200 a year for them. That is probably why we are now such a recession hit nation-our socialised medicine has drained the system dry.

However-if I were to live in Scotland or Wales, prescriptions are now FREE!

There is a huge amount of controversy currently about this system. Particularly as some long term, life threatening illness, namely diabetes warrant you having free prescriptions for life. There are many campaigns currently running to try and include severe asthma on the list of illnesses warranting free prescriptions, but as asthma is so variable and volatile, some people have asthma but hardly so much as require even their little blue inhaler on a daily basis. Therefore how can we warrant that the whole gamut of asthmas be given free prescriptions?

The fact that  I pay just £104 a year for my whole truck loads of prescribed medicine is quite incredible. I’m not complaining. I often feel guilty that this silly illness of mine requires so many expensive drugs.

….Sadly, the whole US system of Insurance and c0-pay is what keeps us living in the UK. I don’t know how we could afford it!….


11 Responses to Prescription Prepayment Certificate (PPC)

  1. Steve says:

    The UK and other Normal countries got it right. Life saving medications shouldn’t put you in the poor house.
    My co-pay for a single Advair inhaler is $50.00

    I hope you’re feeling a little this week:-)

    • I wish you guys could have it differently-I know Obama is trying. But surely with your meds being so very life saving you shouldn’t have to pay such huge co-pays. Unreal.
      Come on America!

      Yes, I am a lot better-totally wiped out though-have put myself back on Sando-K I reckon my Potassium is low after last week’s bug.

  2. Natasha says:

    Hmm, still need to do the sums to work out what it costs me here for a year of meds. Of course, really I should take into account not only what I pay in co-pay, but also the cost of the medical insurance which is compulsory here.

    I’m not sure how the money is spread out, but generally taxes and social security here is much higher than the UK (lowest tax band is already approx 40%, higher band approx 50%) – like you say, no wonder the UK has trouble carrying the costs.

    And I often wondered if you fancied living in the US, especially given your comments about how much better the climate suits you.

    • …It’s always been our bete-noir about upping sticks to CA. Selfishly I suppose, we have the best of both worlds. Although this year we are not going at Easter which is very odd but welcome seeing as I haven’t been well this winter and we now have the dog. Next year we hope to take her-pet passport and all that!

      Gosh-you are in a very expensive place too.
      Even if you can and do claim back med costs through your insurance, your premiums must be high to warrant this.

  3. Olivia says:

    not quite free yet but gettign there….the count down is on…i think it is the first of april we go free!!!!

  4. Sara C. says:

    Oh….I can’t even IMAGINE…one MONTH of M’s medication costs me $300.(and that doesn’t count the pediasure or any over the counter meds she might need…Our particular plan doesn’t cover nutritional support, other than tube feeds, even if a script is written.) I’ve never priced what we GET for that $300…I’ll have to look at the actual price versus what we pay…I’m sure it’s well under $2000 though.

    Unfortunately, there is no perfect answer…I wish there was…and we could just point and say “THIS is how it should be…make it be like that.”

    • I always wondered how it is that you can buy Pediasure OTC. My Ensure Plus is treated like a drug and can only be prescribed by a dietician who works out the quantity I need and cannot even be written up for me by my GP alone.
      I suppose that is one way they make their money in the US. When we travel and I have to buy Ensure Plus, I always get the RiteAid version as it is so much cheaper!

      And yes, like you hinted-grass is apparently always greener on the other side!

      • Sara C. says:

        we buy the walmart version of pediasure. It’s actually become quite difficult to find the vanilla flavor withOUT added fiber, and added fiber is one of the gastroparesis “no-no’s” the walmart version has it with no added fiber…so we go there.

  5. Angela says:

    Do you live in the Uninted States of America ?

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