A Non Specific Virus Strikes Me (AGAIN!)

….and specifically of the nausea, vomiting, stomach like water and head exploding type….

Oh, and did I mention the fever?

So our trip to Charing Cross Hospital on Monday for Julian’s biggie Endocrinology consultation had me picking up more than I bargained for. I guess two tube trains, two buses and 4 hours of trudging from multiple rooms to pharmacies to blood tests around a huge hospital is way too much to ask of my immune system which is already semi knocked out by the steroids.

Plus I have an Achilles stomach.

And by that, I mean my stomach does not function in the way an ordinary person’s does-I get very stomach sick very easily. Maybe it’s the whole gluten intolerance thing or the whole I’m a migraine sufferer thing, or just that my stomach is weaker than normal and if there’s a bug in the air, I’m going to get it.

….and here’s a picture especially for ‘Tasha!

I actually haven’t had full on definite Norovirus since December 2008, and when I picked that up it was following a trip to RBH-so ok, tubes, hospitals and the general public throwing germs at me. But I have had countless scouring out stomach upsets/bugs/ or really, Non Specific Viruses. And the last one was only 2 weeks ago.

And I’ve currently got another one.

So this is now my 2nd day very much in bed armed with the alcohol hand gel, antibacterial wet wipes and bleach sprays in the bathroom I am using. Julian never gets my bugs, it’s just a ‘me’ thing-but I am a germophobe and a cleanaholic at the best of times, which makes it even more unfair that I’ve picked up another bug. Luckily the doglet can’t catch human germs, (or so the Vet said!)

And I feel just rotten. It’s the headache that floors me. The nausea can be controlled once I’ve stopped physically projectile chucking up. The stomach can have doses of ‘revolting but pink’ pepto bismol thrown at it, and I just have to wait for my body to fight the lurgy and regain some semblance of order in my digestive system and recover from the extreme weakness and horrid, horrid malaise.

If it wasn’t for my iPhone I would lose touch with the world. So Ok, today I am semi lying on the spare bed with my compter, but yesterday I could barely lift my head off the pillow, and hardly answered or sent texts/tweets as I was sleeping so much and my eyes just hurt. Sleep heals. I am very short of sleep as my lungs have been twitching alot at night recently.

And the most worrying thing about having yet another sick bug is that I absolutely have to keep my meds down, especially the steroids, and jokingly, my antisickness tablets-which even I can puke up, so I challenge any chemo patient taking metaclopramide to stay nausea free on them!

Interestingly, my last bloods at RBH in February showed that my white cell count is low, at 0.9, and they wanted my GP to keep an eye on things. I guess this is probably another steroid side effect, and is surely the reason I pick up so many of these bugs.

….Plus the fact that public transport, hospitals and schools are all whacking great germ factories and on Monday and Tuesday I’d ticked off visiting the whole list. So really, did I have a chance?!….


8 Responses to A Non Specific Virus Strikes Me (AGAIN!)

  1. asthmagirl says:

    I hope you feel better soon. I am back on the steroids too but not nearly as sick as you! Be well and hug that little doglet!

    • Aw sorry to hear you’re poorly. Steroids are in my opinion far worse for those of you who come off them and go back on them. I’m more or less used to them seeing as I’m stuck on them all the time, but they sure as heck screw up your immune system. Feel better. Love to the Brute Squad. xx

  2. Natasha says:

    Poor Sus… big non-germy e-hug coming your way.
    Thanks for the picture, put a bit smile on my face 🙂 Rupert keeps bringing my rhinovirus upstairs to my bed for me, very cute indeed! Amazingly he somehow manages to miaow even when he’s carrying it!

    • That made me laugh! A-B brings me sticky raw hide chews. She is obsessed with burying her bone and finding it in places I would rather it wasn’t, like under the pillow in the bed! xx

      • Natasha says:

        I should be grateful that the cats don’t have bones then! My bed usually has a collection of bottle tops in it, also thanks to Rupert, who loves to play with them!

  3. Elisheva says:

    Feel better, Sus! Every time I hear of Charing Cross, I think of the tube stop. There’s a tube stop there, right?

    • You’re correct as ever! Charing Cross is a major terminus for trains and tube lines. Although Charing X Hosp is a 5 minute walk from Hammersmith tube, and is in Fulham, just to confuse us all!

      When are you next planning a trip to Londinium?-we can’t wait! xx

      • Elisheva says:

        Yay me for remembering! You gotta hear my imitation of the tube announcements – “This train terminates at Morden via Bank. Next station Charing Cross.” (ya know, in my fake British accent…)

        Next London trip? Not for a while, I’m afraid. I was last there almost exactly a year ago. Tho Debby and I had a Skype Zumba session last night (where I danced into a lamp and broke it…) and she was begging me to come back to London. I, of course, was begging her to come back to Jeru. So we’ll see…

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