Happy Mothers’ Day (UK!)

….If you live in the UK, today is our Mothers’ day….

We give our Mum’s a Sunday off during Lent, and allow them to eat cake and chocolate and not dress in sack cloth for one day out of the forty, LOL. A bit of a nice get together for Families: and, when it was started during the war-a cause to celebrate and not have to suffer the rationing.

I have baked cookies and got Mummy a card and some pink napkins and some of her favourite turkish delight. We got J’s Mum a bottle of something sparkling, hic!

I have everything to thank my Mum for-she is my best friend and always there for me, literally. She is more like a big sister. I never think of her as being any older than us, just a lot wiser!

This montage is of the card and cream egg that Anna-Bell cleverly got (and wrote) for me! of my Mummy cuddling A-B, my little doggie girl, and of the cookies I have baked for the Mums in my Family today.

….Have a great day off, all you Mums out there….



PS: Don’t shoot me if I’ve made a bunch of errors with all these stupid apostrophes!!!!


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