12 of 12: April 2011

…. So here follows my series of 12 photographs taken throughout today, the 12th of April, 2011….

So what’s new this month then? Well, our 5lb 11oz 8 month old Chihuahua, Anna-Bell whom we have had 10+ weeks now, had her ‘spay’ operation yesterday, so most of my day today is focussed on her recovery and post anaesthestic grogginess, poor love.

Both J and I are on Easter Holidays now. J has taken some leave to devote the necessary aftercare to AB, so one of us can be with her at all times this week. I’ve got a mani/pedi booked this afternoon as it’s my Birthday, tomorrow, so I must also find a moment to bake some good old Betty Crocker cup cakes for my family who are coming for coffee.

Anyway: Enjoy my diary day!

1  ) 3am. Sorry it’s blurred, but I took this in the middle of a rather broken night, when I was sleeping on the other sofa and AB had this one to herself. Poor little doglet whimpered most of the night. I feel quite zombified now too!

2 ) 7.30am We gave AB her pain relief medicine, using the syringe dropper. 2.5mls on a bit of salmon. She began to perk up almost immediately. She also has some rehydration salts. I am trying to encourage her to lick off my fingers-anything to get the fluids into her.

3 ) 8.15am. I actually took my first picture of the garden at dawn when AB and I went out for her wee! But then the sun came out so I reshot it at 8.15am.

4  ) 9am-ish. I sat and went through AB’s paperwork from the Vet yesterday. We also had her idENTICHIP put in under anaesthetic, and so we had to fill in her details and send it off to the company who have the data base last night. “Collar on at all times” yes well, we removed it immediately. Poor girl was freaked out. We are watching her. If she goes to pull at her stitches we will put it back on. Simples!

5  ) 9.30am. I managed to wash my hair and tidy up the downstairs chaos whilst AB and J were having a lovely cuddle in bed. I am now also in our bed typing this and she is comfortable, beside me now.

6  ) 11.30am. I set about making my Lemon Cup cakes ready for my Birthday coffee tomorrow.

7  ) 12.45pm. And here is the finished display. Too bad I wont get to taste one as they’re not GF of course 😦

8  ) 1.15pm. And then it was about time I had some food so I made a really nice lunch. Smoked salmon submarine roll and accompanying bits and pieces!

9  ) 2.30pm Had a lovely Mani/Pedi for my Birthday treat a day early!

10  ) 6pm. Dinner time for the doglet. I fed Anna-Bell some poached salmon in chicken broth and she guzzled it down in her old style fashion. Truly feeling so very much better than 24 hours ago.

11  ) 6.50pm I didn’t fancy a bath tonight. I felt pretty chilled actually. So I left Julian to have his bath and did some things on my computer with a glass of spritzer and some olives whilst the dinner cooked.

12  ) 7.40pm So what was dinner then? Well, it wasn’t pizza-we had that on Sunday. I made roasted garlic chicken breasts with tomato kebabs, buttered peas and mini onions, and bubble and squeak mash. Very tasty and warming as it’s been quite a blustery, chilly day.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my diary day, 12 pictures taken on the 12th of the month.

Night, night from us here, and see you next month!

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6 Responses to 12 of 12: April 2011

  1. Glad A-B’s better now – and it’s in a good cause. The cupcakes and meals look good! Happy birthday, and I hope you, J and A-B enjoy the time off!

  2. Elisheva says:

    Ever think of going into catering? You’re such an artistic chef?

    Also glad Anna Bell’s feeling better now. Does she always wear clothes?

    • Yes-but I think anything to do with catering or cheffing is just so much work and terrifically long night hours. I just really enjoy the presentation when cooking. I guess it’s an artistic thing-if it doesn’t look good it wont taste good-me thinks! x

  3. kerri says:

    CUPPYCAKES!! 🙂 Why didn’t you make GF ones?

    I agree with Elisheva, your food is always so gorgeous! Although, making it a job might also take the fun out of it a bit.

    Love your 12 🙂

    • Couldn’t make GF ones as was too strapped for time so did regular Betty Crocker. You know what-the cake is just the vehicle for the icing and I licked some icing! 🙂 🙂

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