A Brilliant Birthday!

….So it was my Birthday yesterday!….

Thank you so much to all my wonderful friends, too may to name or count, who sent me messages and cards. It is so wonderful to be made to feel so special. It was also such a change from the Birthday norm for me as of course, we are usually in Palm Springs so I haven’t had a London Birthday in about 10 years! We had a lovely time in the morning with Mum and Dad visiting and bearing gifts a-plenty and then took AB to the Vet for her post-op check-up which was superb. The vet is so pleased with her and didn’t mind that we took her horrible lamp shade off and suggested we do keep clothes on her so she can’t see her stitches!

J and I went to Black Pepper in Hatch End for a lovely birthday meal (they make the best margaritas), and Kizzie babysat AB for us here on the sofa. We still need her to be watched over, in case she does discover her stitches and J’s Mum was more than happy.

I’m tired this morning, but feeling pretty well-let’s hope it lasts, I haven’t got time to be ill especially whilst I’m on Mummy Nurse duty with the doglet.

….So finally, here is a montage of some of the Birthday fun I had….


3 Responses to A Brilliant Birthday!

  1. Asthmagirl says:

    Oh! Happy Birthday! It looks like it was tons of fun!

  2. Elisheva says:

    Happy birthday (again!)! Looks like you had fun!

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