More Moderately Bad Air Today!

….In spite of it being warm, London is under a blanket of thick cloud, making it airless, heavy, polluted and muggy….

My AirText App has sent me a moderate air pollution warning text every day for about the last week. See all the yellow-and Ruislip right in the middle of the picture. How on earth 35,000 people ran the marathon in this air yesterday, I just don’t know!

No wonder I’m feeling rather SOB. About 3 weeks ago I had a couple of red texts meaning high pollution. Those days were just awful. I have no reason to go outside today, apart from to water the dog and that will be my limit. Since all the hype about global warming and climate change, we are really proving how the SE of the country is now living under a rain shadow. Where are the dense clouds that bring rain as they aren’t here atm?!

….Please will it rain-my grass needs it too….


One Response to More Moderately Bad Air Today!

  1. kerri says:

    Feel better Sus! Crappy air go away!

    [Watering the dog, eh? Do you want her to grow? ;)]

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