Bad timing lurgy!

….So my cold went South….

Such an annoyance. I’ve kept J awake and he’s been on an exhausting Late shift for a few days. I’m hoping I haven’t passed this to Anna-Bell who has been sneezing A-LOT (mind you, the whole world has hayfever atm!) People are running out of sympathy and disbelieving me when I say I have a ‘rotten cold’ as they are all trying to tell me it’s ‘hayfever’.

S-O-R-R-Y! I know my lungs and I’ve had more than my fair share of lurgies to know this ain’t just a seasonal sneezing thing. Plus I have been running a temperature all week-very, very unlike me.

It’s the Easter Holiday weekend and with Easter being so late this year it’s pants that I’m feeling so rough right when I need to be “all batteries recharged” and ready for school again on Wednesday. I suspect much of this is to do with the fact that with ABs op I have been living off of adrenaline for the last few weeks, and was flat out exhausted from the end of term but didn’t really get to recover from that before we were dealing with our doglet. Never mind.

So it’s Action Stations here. I’m having to fire the “Added on Extras” to my regular “Anti Asthma Arsenal” now.

  • Whacking the Pred up to 40mg from NOW!
  • Whacking the emergency Antibiotics from NOW too!
  • Doing 20mins of Autogenic Draining twice a day (very boring and uncomfortable and exhausting)
  • Nebbing the 7% hypertonic saline that my Physio prescribed on Tuesday twice a day.
  • Sinus Douching twice a day with Montesol (hefty saline and Dexpanthenol)
  • Taking my Carbocisteine 3 times a day from now on, with the extra dose being the liquid form at lunchtime.
I knew this would happen. My Physio on Tuesday said to me I was crackling and sounded really nasal and I knew on Tuesday I had a cold. And like all  gravity, it went South.
And we have a smog alert over much of the UK at the moment, so what chance have I got of shaking this off easily?
….Bad timing lurgy or what?….

6 Responses to Bad timing lurgy!

  1. Asthmagirl says:

    Poor Dear! I was hoping the cold wouldn’t go south. It’s the truth that after a certain amount of time living with asthma (I’ve only had it 9 years) you know what is likely to happen and when it does, you know how to start medicating it. My doc has already prescribed half a pharmacy to take over with me saying “you’ll know if you need it and how to medicate”.
    I know you were fussing over AB and not saving any energy for you… but now it’s time to take care of you and your lungs. It sounds like you have a great plan and I hope you feel better soon.
    And the shot of AB’s tummy looks very good.
    Take care now and let Miss AB do her puppy caretaking! I’m sure she’d love to help you feel better!

    • That’s so kind of you to say all those nice things. The vet did say AB might be able to catch human colds and we think she has a touch of mine as she is quite sneezy and just a little ‘off’ but all healed from her op which is the main thing!
      Love to you and your three xx

  2. Steve says:

    I’m so sorry that you’re dealing with this again.

    Are you sure you don’t have CF or bronchiectasis along with asthma? You’re doing all the things that a person with these other diseases would do. I guess you know it’s not normal for asthmatics to have crackling ( rales) in their lungs either, unless they have pneumonia or atelectasis.

    If you’re still feeling crappy next week, don’t return to work. Stay inside away from smog or children. Please take of yourself.

    • Thank you Mr RT supremo. Yes I do have Bronchiectasis-currently awaiting another CT scan to see if it has got worse. I have three areas I think. My left lower lobe gives me the worst grief and is currently really sore and grotty.
      I do feel rather wretched and more fluey than coldy. So much for my seasonal flu shot working. I will have to hope I am better by Wednesday. I don’t want to miss any more school I’ve had a bad record this year so far 😦
      Hugs xx

  3. kerri says:

    Sounds like you’ve got quite the plan of attack going — feel better fast, Sus!

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