Pimping that Physio…!

….I don’t know if you’ve come across this on the internet yet, but….

((click the Watch on YouTube bit!))

It took us all by storm on Saturday Night on Britain’s Got Talent!

And last night when J was replaying it, had me laughing so much that it was the best lung physio I could be doing at the moment! Yes, Little blonde me was pimping that physio and doing the best drainage yet after laughing my lungs off!

So, what with taking 3 of these 500mg Cefalexin a day  for 2 weeks:

…and whacking the Pacific Ocean’s worth of 6% and 7% ((when it comes!)) hypertonic saline nebs, I’m going to clear my super deep Staph Aureus quickly-I hope!

….But until it goes, I’m pretty much holed up at home on bed rest, and I can’t speak for coughing….


2 Responses to Pimping that Physio…!

  1. kerri says:

    go medicine go! ❤
    feel better fast sus!

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