Refreshed by Rain!

…..As forecast, last night we had a thunder storm…..

I am not usually a wet weather person-not that this is ‘wet’ though, the sun is already back out, heating the water droplets and creating nasty, nasty lung-hating humidity. Bleugh. This feels like Miami after a storm!

But we needed that storm-with nothing measurable for the last 2 months, it was the first decent downpour we’ve had. Our side of London is now in a rain shadow with this totally obvious climate change.

And this is why I am happy it rained:

  1. I didn’t get a pollution air text last night!
  2. The pollution that was so apparent is much, much less today-you can’t smell or taste it like you could in the drought.
  3. The temperature has dropped for the moment (although apparently, 80F is forecast for much of the coming month!)
  4. My back lawn got watered for the first time and I didn’t have to work on watering the front lawn like I have been doing daily for the past week!
  5. My antsy angst filled lungs feel like they have had a temporary reprieve from the horrible heat we’ve had.
  6. The whole house is cooler as I’ve flung open every window back and front and given it a total air change. Bye bye backing up CO2!
  7. The pollen has been dampened. Bye bye sneezing allergies for the day!
  8. The storm happened overnight so my lungs and head were not affected by the atmospherics or change in pressure. Phew!
  9. The garden looks beautiful.
  10. Julian has been out there with his macro and has actually seen nature in the daylight now he is off Nights!
And here are a selection of his 105 mm macro photos taken this morning after the refreshing rain.
Rose Swan Lake
Day Lily Leaves
…..Better air, and natural beauty, Truly refreshing for all eyes and lungs…..

5 Responses to Refreshed by Rain!

  1. Asthmagirl says:

    How wonderful! It was a nice soft rain here yesterday. We are not muggy so I had the back door open which the doglets loved!
    Hope you are feeling better! I’m continuing to improve, but not as quickly as I would like.
    Surprized that it will be so warm while we are there. Have been buying warmer clothes than we needed perhaps.
    Love the garden pictures!

    • You’ll need to keep an eye on the forecast as they are predicting 80f for much of May-don’t know about June-the initial long range forecast I’d heard said unsettled and wet-that’d be the normal. Usually our weather is on a par with Seattle! x

  2. Do you want some of our rain? You can have it. Really. I won’t mind.

    We’ve been doing nothing but rain, rain, rain, rain for the past month. The rivers are flooded, and it’s wreaking havoc on my work (the material I work with is really humidity-sensitive, so it’s mucking up all the tests and stuff I need to do).

    • Thanks, Sarah-gladly swap you. I’m running the irrigation daily which is almost unheard of for this time of year. We didn’t have a single April shower! Our rivers and reservoirs are at an all time low!

      Hope it dries up for you soon xx

  3. Elisheva says:

    Ooh! Pretty pretty flowers!

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