An afternoon of Tests!

…..So Tuesday afternoon was spent up at the Royal Brompton Hospital having Tests….

Firstly: I had to have my DEXA scan redone as it is 2.5 years since the last one. The amount of Prednisolone I am on permanently and the amount my usage increases during exacerbations deems it necessary to have these scans. My last one showed 29% loss in my lumbar spine and 15% in my hips. I am on Calcium, D3 and Fossamax long term too so I hope this loss has been stabilised.

Funnily enough, it was a job to find comfortable loose fitting summer clothing that had absolutely not metal in it!

Secondly: I had to do some up to date full Lung Function tests. We are aiming to find where my baseline is these days. I had been instructed no Seretide 500 (Advair) this morning and wasn’t allowed a neb for 4 hrs beforehand. Originally we were going to get me in and do it off meds but it was deemed too risky in the light of recent lung infections and asthma episodes. I’d been feeling pretty air trappy all night and was quite uncomfortable but I absolutely gave it my best blows as I am eager to find what is happening to my lungs too. I will get the results next Monday in clinic. It was torture. I got so tired and the glass box was totally stuffy and airless. They finished with regular Spiro and I’m not joking, my technique was crap. They tried everything to get me to do a decent huff but I was just totally malco-ordinated by this stage-an hour of tests left me shattered.

Here I am in the room doing the tests, and in that horrid glass box!

Gosh. So after the scanning, blowing and travelling I am pretty whacked out. And I’ve got school now. And I’m already not feeling that great.

…..I await all results, eagerly-I actually have the envelopes but they are sealed-d’oh!…..


14 Responses to An afternoon of Tests!

  1. Elisheva says:

    What’s the glass box for? Also, why’s it hard to find metal free clothes? I think just about all my clothes are metal free. If you had metal on you, you’d be setting off metal detectors all the time over here.

  2. Steve says:

    Love the blue nose clips 🙂

    • kerri says:

      Hah, I was about to go “I HATE NOSE CLIPS”
      I’m badass and I take them off between every single test–the RTs are like “Where’s your nose clip?” 😉

      Of course, I do love the blue like Epic Steve — mine have only ever been boring white! Why do they not supply us with PINK ones, Sus? Surely we are special enough :).

    • Ha ha-they’ve always been blue here, I’ve had tests in another hospital and theirs were blue too!

  3. James says:

    Hmmm…I am in that glass box every three months, it seems. I told the RT the last time that I was a mess and might pass-out taking the spirometry test. She replied with, “that is what the rubber mat is for.” Gosh, I guess people actually do. Oh and the PFT, yeah, that testing is awful exhausting. I can’t use the nose clip because the darn thing always slips off. Usually I just hold my nose while doing the tests.

    One of these days, I would like to see what my baseline is now. Although it scares me to think that I have to go off meds for a bit. Yikes!

    I hope you get good results! xx

    • I take my nose clip on of on off all the time too. Silly thing.

      ….so you mean to say you’re in that box every 3 months and you wont get a blood test done?! The claustrophobia is far worse than any little needle stick. You’re more man than me about the box!

      I chickened out of the ear cutting bit-they had to prick my finger! xx

  4. Jacque Myers says:

    I hope there’s good news inside of those envelopes!

    As you may know, May is Asthma Awareness Month, and individuals and organizations come together throughout the month to promote asthma awareness and understanding. If you have the opportunity, I’d like to connect with you about a request to share asthma resources and information with your audience. You can email me at, and I’d be happy to respond with more information.

    Also, if you haven’t gotten the chance, be sure to check out the Asthma UK “Get it off your chest” campaign ( Great stuff!

    • Thanks for your links-and yes the contents of the envelope are intriguing-although how my Consultant can look and analyse in a few minutes is beyond me-they said the results probably wouldn’t be on the computer system for Monday which is why I have the envelopes!

  5. Shanice says:

    I am being admitted to rbh on the 24th for repeat everything. that glass box is awfully claustrophobic. certainly not looking forward to it, lungs are so twitchy it always produces an attack! swings and roundabout 🙂 hope you got on ok!x

    • At one point I did make them open the door as it was getting too much for me and I felt really faint. So we did the worst spiro I have ever done at the end with the door fully open as I’d had enough and wanted to leave…..good luck with yours xx

  6. Les Kyles says:

    I wanted to share a short article I found bout a recent asthma study. I wish it said something profound like we fixed it.
    It does sound like a step in the right direction! They are now researching compounds to see if there is a potential to block the interaction between IgE and its receptor and prevent the development of asthma.

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