A Peck of Dirt

**This post is for my Oboe friend, Patty Mitchell, who yesterday went vacuum shopping!**

…..My Grandmother used to say we would all ‘eat a peck of dirt before we died’…..

A peck is a US dry measure equal to a quarter of a bushel or 8 quarts, or in UK speak, roughly 9 litres. Now that is a lot of dirt!

On Monday I Dysoned the house. Yes, I say Dysoned, seeing as we do not have a Hoover and English people use the term hoovering (not Vacuuming) so therefore I Dysoned! We have a trusty allergy one. It has been invaluable and well worth it’s £245 price tag 2.5 years ago.

I am religious about cleaning the filters and washing the barrel out. This time of year there is pollen around the house, not just human skin cells and fluff. I truly believe that our DC22 and the allergy treated new carpeting we had laid 2.5 years ago when we got the new Dyson, have helped my asthma.

So how much dirt did I Dyson up? I geeked out and weighed the barrel full and empty. And I sucked up  a whole 18g of dust in an average sized 3 bed 3 bath house. Not quite a peck, but that 3/4 oz is surely better off out of my carpets and out of my house environment/breathing space!

…..If I added up all the weekly cleans based on Monday’s, that would amount to approximately 52 x 18g = 936g of dirt/dust Dysoned up in an average year. So I suppose in a lifetime we my be getting somewhere near that peck of dirt in our house-although, not actually eaten, as Granny used to say!….


One Response to A Peck of Dirt

  1. Elisheva says:

    “Dysoned”! Love it! We don’t really have vacuums here since very few people have carpet (those people have vacuums). One day I gotta teach you how to sponja, which means dumping soapy water on the floor and pushing it around with a squeejy. Yup, that’s how we clean our floors. High tech, eh? I like your sciency posts!

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