“Killer Pollution in London is coming from the Continent” (article)

…..I just read this article in yesterday’s Evening Standard newspaper…..

I have printed the article below:

Toxic pollution is blowing across the Channel and harming Londoners’ health, MPs were told today. On unusually high pollution days, up to four fifths of a dangerous pollutant seeping into parts of the capital and the South-East may be from overseas. The alarming warning came from a leading environmental health expert. Professor Frank Kelly of King’s College, London said: “A large proportion of the PM2.5 (particulates) associated with loss of life expectancy in the UK arises from neighbouring countries.

“The UK should press for significant reductions in emissions from neighbouring countries and in turn should commit to similarly significant reductions in its impact on other countries.”

Professor Kelly estimates that between 3,000 and 5,000 people a year in the capital die early because of pollution. Some will have had their life cut short by up to 10 years. The worst particulate pollution is normally from traffic in London, especially diesel-run vehicles, or from heating homes. But Professor Kelly told the Commons environmental audit committee that a “secondary” source is created by power stations and industry. Easterly winds blow this air pollution from the Continent into southern England.

“Long-term exposure to this type of air pollution underlies many of our chronic diseases and results in people dying earlier than they should do,” he said. “The EU needs to tighten controls further on these pollutants emitted from power stations and industry.” Labour MP Joan Walley, who chairs the environmental audit committee, said: “Londoners are entitled to clean air and we’re going to be fighting their corner on this neglected issue. “We know that the UK and other EU countries are breaching safe limits of particulate pollution from cars, lorries and power stations.”

…..Rather alarming for those of us who live in London, isn’t it…..


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