Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

…..Take this online test to see what you score, and whether you might be at risk from Obstructive Sleep Apnoea.

Click Here to take their Pictorial Epworth Sleepiness test.

The British Lung Foundation are running the test. I’m just interested to see how other asthmatics/chronic lungers score.

I do not have OSA, but do desaturate overnight so sleep with 3L O2. I scored 7. Julian scored 2. I am not a great night time sleeper but could easily drop off, most places, anytime during the day. I was relieved to find out I am only mildly at risk!

I’d be interested to hear how you all scored.

…..Please do take the test and post your score in the comments below!…..


13 Responses to Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

  1. Elisheva says:

    Got a 2. I have a moderate chance of falling asleep if I have a chance to lay down in the afternoon. Why would I be laying down in the afternoon if not to sleep? Sheesh!

    My dad and both of his siblings have sleep apnea and I’m a bit scared of getting it when I get older. They all either have CPAPs or dental devices.

    • My grandma, aunt and boyfriend all have SA. I think my mom does (horrible snoring and daytime sleepiness), and I’m fairly sure my great-aunt does (same story), but they both refuse testing. Supposedly, I had it when I was a baby, but I grew out of it (apparently I used to snore so loudly as a baby that you could here my from the hall of the apartment building my parents lived in! XD).

      • I wonder why when if you had it as a baby you now appear to have grown out of it? Very interesting. Did you suffer lots of childhood respiratory illnesses and more than your fair share of snuffliness as well or just the SA?

      • I was an VLBW preemie, which is why I had SA. I was roughly ten and a half weeks premature.

        Because of that, I had lots of illness and very bad asthma as a kid, as well. From Kindergarden through grade four, I’d miss about one day in three from school just from being so sick all the time, and from age four through about seven, I’d need an ER trip every other weekend. I was status asthmaticus several times, and turned blue quite a few times, also had delayed growth and coordination issues (likely due to being too sick to do normal coordination-building kid stuff, since I caught up with my age peers pretty quickly when my health improved).

        Around the onset of puberty, my health improved markedly, thank goodness! Even at my worst since my asthma blowup, I wasn’t nearly as bad as when I was a kid.

  2. That’s really interesting that your Dad and his siblings have SA. I don’t however know if there is a hereditary predisposition to it. If you can stay fit and keep to the right weight and sleep in a position that you don’t snore in, I think a person is not at risk. It’s the overweight who tend to get this, as well as having that extra large flap of skin in the upper palate. Has anybody ever asked you about snoring and looked down your throat?
    Don’t be scared-you’re fit and active so chances are will not suffer in later years!

  3. Danielle says:

    I got a seven. I’m a bit dozy for my age, which people laugh at, but apparently totally within the normal range 🙂

    • That’s like me-except rather than being a bit dozy I could more or less fall asleep anywhere as I am always so tired!
      Do you sleep well at night?
      Do you think your tiredness is asthma-related?

  4. kerri says:

    apnOEa! another one of those words!

    Like Elisheva, I got a 2. Because I fall asleep in cars when I’m a passenger — unfortunately bored in the backseat was not an option! :-).

    • I KNEW you’d notice the spelling. Toyed with the idea of leaving out the extra O but it wasn’t right for me to!

      The one place I don’t drop off is in the car-I get really sick if I do-I’m a bit of a car journey chatterbox!

      I think I should write to them and suggest your ‘bored on the backseat’ option.
      I might add School Staff Meetings too. I noticed the Head dropping off during somebody else’s presentation. Perhaps he should take this test!

      • Elisheva says:

        As far as I know, US English doesn’t put the Os in there. Like, Americans spell it “celiac” also.

        To answer your question, I often snore, but it’s usually since my nose is stuffed up from the dust in the room. If I sleep in a room with other people, I make sure to take an allergy pill before bed and it solves or lessens the problem.

  5. I’m a five, but only because I cannot stay awake in a car on a road trip if I’m not the driver. Something about being in a moving vehicle as the passenger puts me right to sleep. I blame it on how many cross-country trips by car I was taken on as a kid when we left at Oh Dark Early: I associate moving car with naptime. Taking that out, I’m a two.

    • I think you have raised a good point, Sarah. There are certain places where I think even the most unlikely sufferers of SA would still drop off-car journeys being a very good example. My School Meetings another-I’ve noticed the Head dropping off on many an occasion.
      I also know that if you suffer from SA, in this country you have to have a driving ban until it is medically proven to be under control.

      • I think it’s the same here; my great-aunt got her driver’s liscense revoked recently due to severe untreated SA (she has a CPAP but won’t use it) and microvascular dementia secondary to diabetes.

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