Pets can reduce asthma (article)

…..From The Sun Newspaper….

GUINEA PIGS REDUCE ASTHMA: Children who grow up with a pet such as a guinea pig, rabbit or hamster are less likely to develop asthma or allergies, according to scientists.

US researchers studied a group of kids in New York and found that growing up in a less sterile environment could sometimes improve their health.

Researcher Matt Perzanowski said: “Being exposed to certain bacteria may give the child chance to build up an immunity.”

Read more here.

…..I certainly know that owning our dear little Chihuahua has been positively beneficial to both of us, healthwise…..


3 Responses to Pets can reduce asthma (article)

  1. kerri says:

    Darn, I grew up with hamsters and guinea pigs, and it was only after the guinea pig died I got asthma. Maybe if I get her back I’ll be cured? 😉

    Actually, wait, we still had her when I was diagnosed. Then she died and my lungs were no better. Darn.

    • Get another one-they are so therapeutic-I have several asthmatic friends here who have guinea pigs. We used to breed them when I was a kid!

      I always thought you had a dog! Like I always thought you had a brother too!
      Clearly I imagine things! xx

  2. Clarebear says:

    I grew up with 7 cats which I was allergic to, my mum wouldn’t get rid of them depsite my many hospital admissions (mainly due to viral things). Only when I had an attack and went into respiratory arrest/vented etc and ended up on adults, my adult con said she had to get rid of them or I would never be coming home! She did, but now I have a dog which I’m slightly allergic to but he has helped me so much in other ways thats hes worth the hives for! I’m still allergic to cats but not as bad as I used to be.

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