A Survey on Pred Dosage

…..In response to so many of us on Twitter discussing this recently, I’ve created a simple Poll….

Here are some facts about Drs and Pred in the UK (((in my experience of my Drs!)))

  1. 40mg at 5 -7 days is the norm but often up to 2 weeks may be necessary.
  2. Drs do not usually taper you if you have only been on a short burst as in 1. above.
  3. Consultants would rather you were on a constant low dose (oh hello!) to stem the need for multiple emergency bursts as in 1. above.
  4. Consultants do not think that there is any point in being on 50mg or even 60mg as it has not been proven to work any quicker, it is just that your adrenals may require it due to insufficiency.
  5. GPs often disagree with Consultants over 4. above!
  6. Consultants will tell you to bolus dose before starting a burst course but GPs have little knowledge of this.
  7. All Drs will tell you to take your Pred in the morning, as that is when your body needs it the most due to the natural drop in cortisol being around 3am.
  8. If you find you really are wired and cannot sleep, split the dose taking half am and pm .
  9. It is really best not to take it at night as your body’s needs for it are highest in the morning.
  10. Pred pills do not contain calories. They do not make you put on weight by themselves-although your thirst may be increased.
Also, if like me you have stomach issues, ask to be prescribed the enteric coated ones, then you wont have any sore tummy troubles.
Oh, and always take it with a little bit of light food, yoghurt, small piece of toast etc. (Cupcakes and Nutella sandwiches are of course the exception here!)
Julian Says: Does your Husband, Wife, Partner, Best Friend, Significant Other etc, have to hide the kitchen knives when you are on a Pred overload. Apparently I am now a fire breathing dragon. Hmmmm!

…..Feel free to add any other dosage info in the comments below….


8 Responses to A Survey on Pred Dosage

  1. Kirsten says:

    Delightful little tablets -cant live with them cant live without them!!!
    Hubby knows when im on 50mg+ as i either rant at the slightest thing or dissolve into tears!!!
    I think its so bad that many hospitals are no longer dispensing enteric coated pred to inpatients even when there is a proven need.
    1 con at my hossie will blous dose ove 80mg the other(who trained at RBH)wont go over 60mg funnily enough i always hope for the lower one who luckily is my regular resp con. I wish there was a set protocol to avoid issues like that and arguements with GP stoo

    • Good input, Kirsten- thank you. I think
      I’ve never been given a bolus dose in RBH- they always jump straight to the IV sort!
      And yes. I can’t touch the white tablets. They burn all the way down. Xx

  2. Becca says:

    It’s interesting how it differs between doctors!
    At my home surgery, I had one doctor who wouldn’t prescribe a dose any higher than 25mg for asthma (but for allergies it’d be at least 30mg) and another one who always prescribed 30mg. When I’ve had them from A&E I’ve always had 40mg. It varies so much!
    I also turn into a complete monster on pred too- my sister in particular avoids me when I’m on it as it invariable leads to a shouting match/ tears!

  3. Olivia says:

    It interesting how many different options there are. When I need a boost I am put on 40mg in the morning and 20mg at night. This dose work for me although I am pretty wired on it!!! My GP doesnt really say anything about prescribing pred as my consultant has the biggest say as he has to be called before i ahve an increase…(well he likes to be called its not always the case!!!)

    I become really fidgiting and restless when on high dose of pred. I cant settle to anything and i get really frustrated.

    As for the white tablets i think they are caustic…

  4. On the rare occasion that I need pred, I’m usually given 50mg or 60mg for 5-10 days (depends on the doc – allergist’s fond of 50mg for 5 days then taper, GP’s fond of 60mg for 5 days no taper, and the one other doc that gave me pred hit me with 60mg for 7 days, no taper, and that was tough)… sometimes with taper, sometimes without. I prefer with taper, though, since if I’m not tapered, I end up with muscle pain and headache for two days after I’m off it!

    I’m lucky that I’m not too hyperemotional on pred, though it does give me insomnia and lower back achiness, only for the five days that I’m on it.

  5. vickyk2209 says:

    I generally end up on 50mg when I’m in hospital and coming off hydrocortisone, but my GP will give me 35mg when I’m rubbish. She says she can’t make her mind up between 30 and 40 so goes inbetween.

    And non-enteric coated pred is just evil. As is solube. Mini red Smarties all the way!

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