National Transplant Week, 2011: UK.

…..This is National Transplant Week, here in the UK…..

If you have not signed the Organ Donor Register yet, then please do.

You can link to it here. And if you are outside of the UK, please make a point of signing your respective country’s register too.

I like their poster campaign this year: Become a Superhero!

Even if you have spurny lungs, and let’s face it, I do!, there are still plenty of other organs that could be used to save someone’s life. Skin, eyes, kidneys, liver-yes, even after all the drugs these can be flushed through-maybe my tolerance of the high levels of steroids could benefit somebody else since Pred is an anti rejection med used after transplant!

Nobody likes to talk about death. But it’s going to happen to us all. And if we can help somebody after ours, what better use for a life cut short than to save another. I would want that which is why I signed several years ago.

If I haven’t worded things too well, I apologise. I’m proof that this is all much too taboo here.

I have known several friends have lung transplants-mostly for CF, and they have all but one had a vastly improved quality of life and are doing well. I hear and feel their gratitude for the lungs they were donated. I value the fact they are still alive and walking among us.

…..So go on, become a Superhero and please sign, it only takes a few moments…..

Thank you!


3 Responses to National Transplant Week, 2011: UK.

  1. Elisheva says:

    Yup, my dad’s had someone else’s heart valve implanted into his heart and it saved his life. I’m all for organ donation and don’t understand why someone wouldn’t want to do it. But then again, I’m not easily squeemed out by bodily things. I donate blood and plasma regularly and have donated hair twice. Planning on doing that again when it gets long enough.

    • That is so amazing about your Dad. And like you I used to give blood but now can’t because of my drugs. Your giving hair is amazing-does it go to making wigs-silly question? And like you, I just don’t understand why some people don’t want to do it.
      Thanks for your input xx

      • Elisheva says:

        Yeah. Hair donation goes toward wigs for people undergoing chemo. Doesn’t exactly save lives like organs or blood can, but it definately raises someone’s spirits, and that ultimately can help them heal. I originally got all excited that I’d help some little ginger kid have hair again. Then I found out that it takes 8 ponytails for one wig and they dye all the hair. Oh well…

        I’m sure they have something like that in the UK. In the US, it’s done by Locks for Love (which is where I donated my hair at age 12) and in Israel it’s by Zichron Menachem (where I donated it last year). Over here, at least, there are several upscale hair cut places that cut your hair for free if you’re donating your hair. Totally a win-win situation. 🙂

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