12 of 12: July 2011

…. So here follows my series of 12 photographs taken throughout today, the 12th of July, 2011….

The last month has been packed full! School’s been majorly busy with all the exams, which, I am told, went well! We had many BBQs taking advantage of the lovely sunny summer evenings. We had a visit from Asthmagirl and her husband which was great fun, and we celebrated 4th July with a Family BBQ. Anna-Bell would live in the garden if she could-she really is in her element now. She turned 11 months and is really quite a character!

It’s nice that with this being a Tuesday J and I are both off. Although the air is really bad today, heavy cloud, moderate pollution and so humid, so I’m not feeling very well and am extremely SOB.
But, nonetheless, this is my day so enjoy my photos!
1  ) 5am. I crept downstairs to take my meds. It was really cloudy and the sun was just coming up over the fence.
2  ) 6.15am. Moments after I took this, AB revealed that she was wide awake, although here she is doing a great impression of still being asleep!
3  ) 6.20am. Morning Garden shot. Most of the roses have had their first bloom now but other plants are coming into their summer element so the garden is changing all the time.
((I then made my breakfast and gave AB hers, and we went back to bed with  J as I was really tired after last night at Black Pepper, celebrating Kizzie’s Birthday!))
4  ) 11.30am. I’d forgotten to run the irrigation so watered the front hanging basket on the way to Waitrose.
5  )….and my lovely blue Hydrangea….
6  ) 12.30pm. I came back, and played with AB and gave her a snack of juicy fresh iceberg lettuce, which she loves!
7  ) Then I made a little light lunch for me-Waitrose now do GF bread sandwiches.
8   ) 1.28pm After lunch AB and I went in the garden and inspected the runner beans!
9  ) And we saw how pretty the day lilies are too!
10  ) Around 3pm. J and I popped over Uxbridge, and then came home and picked up AB and took her to play with Poppy. They both had new raw hide chews and had fun in the garden with them.
11  ) 6.15pm Bath time. So relaxing, I’ve pulled my back so I needed a soak. I put some of that muscle relaxant bubble bath in it tonight.
12  ) 7.40pm Dinner time. Chicken with BBQ sauce, vegetable rice and cauliflower cheese. Yummy!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my diary day, 12 pictures taken on the 12th of the month.

Night, night from us here, and see you next month!

….If you’d like to read other bloggers’ 12 of 12′s, go to Chad Darnell’s Blog.


7 Responses to 12 of 12: July 2011

  1. TJ says:

    Nice 12 of 12, your garden is beautiful. I hate not having a garden now that we’ve moved back into the city, a major down side of inner city living but I digress. As I said beautiful garden and love all the flower/veggie pictures. Thanks as always for sharing your day. see you necy month…

    • Thanks for popping by, TJ.
      You’ve taken many gorgeous flower pics yourself over the months-and I sure know you have some lovely parks and open spaces in your city. If you ever come to London, you’re welcome to visit! See you in August. xx

  2. Elisheva says:

    Cool! Since when do dogs like lettuce? Live and learn, I guess.

    Today is my 12th. Should be up by tonight. Make sure to have a look 🙂

    • Our dog loves all healthy veggies-she squeals for peas and broccoli and carrots and lettuce-oh and butternut squash!
      The vet said they are more like omnivores in the wild and will eat blueberries and apples, although AB just licks apple cores, and doesn’t really eat them-but Poppy does! xx

  3. Jill says:

    What a wonderful day – strolling through your garden with you and AB. She is so beautiful and looks like a ton of fun.

    Thanks for sharing!
    – Jill

  4. kerri says:

    awwww anna-bell eating lettuce! :] steve has video of winston trying to steal lettuce haha. silly [smart!] animals 😀
    pretty lilies also!

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