Aching ‘like billio’!

…..Yep, one of those nonsensical expressions…..

But it’s true!

By the time I crawled into bed last night, I could do only that, ie just crawl. A combination of standing too long at school on and off,a multitude of bending down doing pseudo squats picking up mosaic tiles from the classroom floor ((as some loopy Yr 10 left them on the window cill and the wind blew them everywhere)), and of course, yesterday I did THE BIG 1st 10mg Pred taper.

And the result is-I could happily have chopped my legs off last night, the pain was so bad!

I gave in at 7am this morning and took 3 paracetamol and already feel a lot better for it.

So crazy, as it’s my lungs that should be whining at me for dropping a chunk of Pred like that, but my darn muscles screamed instead. I always find the initial Flu like side effects of a biggie Pred taper absolutely ghastly, which is why I’d planned it for my weekend/non working days.

The weather has changed to heavy driving rain and howling gales now (a British summer!) which, knowing my luck will only accentuate the agony I’ve had since yesterday evening. Rheumatic pains suck, and at mid 40s I’m getting them now too!

Just as long as my lungs stay some degree of stable, and don’t do a super splat with the weather change, I’ll live with the reduction symptoms as I want to get back to baseline quickly again. Will hopefully knock another 5mg off tomorrow and do the next drop on Friday. I am crossing everything that 25mg this week will be enough to get me through the last week of term.

…..And so the cycle continues!…..


3 Responses to Aching ‘like billio’!

  1. Asthmagirl says:

    I hate the muscle aches that come with a pred drop. Usually it hits in my shoulders and neck, not legs.
    Am wondering what is up with my knees as they have not been the same since London.
    Of course, with the rain/mist/humidity we’ve had since our return, maybe they’re succumbing to environmental crap.
    Hoping that your pred drop goes well for your lungs. Hugs to you, J and AB!

    • It may be that with all that amount of activity and walking you guys did over here, and now the rheumatic type weather at home-you’ve got a touch of rheumatism yourself.
      Swimming is good for aching joints-that’s what I try to do-and cod liver oil, glucosamine and chondritin supplements (I give them to J!)
      Feel better-wretched Pred wrecks us-I suffer heaps as I’m on it permanently.

      Hugs back from J and licks form AB! xx

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    […]Aching ‘like billio’! « My Musical Lungs[…]…

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