Sleepy End of Summer Stingers!

August 30, 2011

…..Be careful!…..

They’re about. They’re tired. They’re cold. They’re looking for a place to rest.

And they’re looking for some final victim to sting! And with our night time temperatures practically in single figures now, they’re pretty fed up too!

…..And on Sunday, that was me, and it hurt and caused a merry song and dance!…..


Some Seaside Air and a Little Sun!

August 25, 2011

….So Jools and I popped down to my Parents place by the sea for a few days….

And in spite of it being a bit blustery, we have had one exquisite sunny day by the beach-watching the brave souls who, come what may, were frolicking in the sea (many in wetsuits!) The air is so clean and fresh here-we’re only 100 miles from our home in London, but it might as well have been another world! The ozone makes me sneeze almost constantly, but I have managed to practice my walking without oxygen-lots of stops and sitting down, but nonetheless, even though we didn’t make it out to California this summer, I am still determined to do some lung healing whilst we are breathing this fresh sea air.

Here are a few pictures I snapped yesterday in Bournemouth at lunchtime, and watching the boats at Sandbanks at tea time.

…..We will venture back to London this afternoon and pick up AB from Mum’s house. It has also been our first time way from her, something we clearly need to practice more than her though, for we have pined terribly but apparently she has had a ball!…..

Tribute to Red 4(Jon Egging) RIP

August 22, 2011

…..In the light of the sad event of Saturday, this has now been put on You Tube…..

I felt it fitting to share it here as I had 365’d the event yesterday.



If, like my Family, you love your planes, this is quite hard to watch with the music, so I hit the mute button and was able to just enjoy the beauty of their flight.

Thoughts and prayers to all who knew him personally.

In true British spirit, the Bournemouth Air Festival did go on and was a triumph, albeit minus the Red Arrows, yesterday.

…..Such a sad loss to a brave and super young pilot…..

Meeting R2D2

August 19, 2011

….Musical, Yes-you should hear all the beeps he makes when you open the door, don’t belt up etc!….

….Lungs, Yes-they put brand new spanking charcoal and pollen filters in him, and his climate controlled cabin is superb!…..

So on Wednesday of this week, we picked up Julian’s new car. He has been waiting a long time for him-since March, that fateful day when a truck came round the corner too fast outside our house and whammed  into Flabby, his 22 year old sporty Peugeot and wrote the thing off 😦

And last week the dealer found us what he hoped were 3 cars and I went along and chose this one. And my Star Wars mad man aptly named him-well, he is kind of a ‘dustbin on wheels shape’ now, isn’t he?!

For the petrol heads amongst you, Julian wanted the 12v engine, and the 120 bhp model, but basically R2D2, as we’ve called him, is a 207 1.4 vti Sport. He is nippy and light-what Julian describes as pokey! and I’m really enjoying being the passenger and the driver.

He’s got a whole host of  ‘bells and whistles’, loads of airbags and side impact protection, and AB seems to like her little booster seat.

…..And best of all, he’s got that wonderful fresh valet ‘new car’ smell…..

12 of 12: August: 2011

August 13, 2011

…. So here follows my series of 12 photographs taken throughout today, the 12th of August, 2011….

Well it’s mid to late summer here, and the weather has been really unsettled of late. The garden continues to do well and I am now picking tomatoes, courgettes and runner beans regularly. My marrows and Chilis are coming on well too. Anna-Bell had her 1st Birthday last week and we used the occasion as an excuse to have a little family get together here, and to celebrate our new Air Conditioning system which is superb at taking out the humidity from our damp almost Autumnal air, as well as cooling our hot stuffy house. It’s been a strange week, not just because of the terrible London and countrywide riots, but with Julian working a Night Shift, although he finished this morning and so will be asleep this afternoon and jet lagged this evening. But maybe, just maybe, we’ll get some Chinese!

This is my day so enjoy my photos!

1  ) 6.30am Anna-Bell was just waking up-she knew I was there and was only pretending to be asleep!

2  ) 6.35pm Good Morning vegetables-this side of the garden has lots of my veggies and they are all doing well.

3  ) 7am Medicines Time. This is what I take every morning, and again every evening, well minus the 2 red Pred (Yay for being back at baseline again today!)

FYI: 10mg Pred, 20mg Nexium, 120mg Allegra, 10mg Metoclopramide, 2 x Sando-K potassium tablets, 375mg Mucodyne, Aminophylline 225mg, 2 x Feverfew-(for migraines-grey tablets) 2 puffs of Seretide (Advair 500) 2+2 puffs Nasonex, 5mg Ventolin neb, 0.4mcg Atrovent neb, 7% Nebusal Hypertonic Saline neb. All washed down with a carton of high cal high carb polycal (yuck)

4  ) 7.10am I made Anna-Bell’s breakfast. A 60:40 quantity of Chappie dog food plus some chicken, followed by some peas which she loves!

5  ) 12.40pm. I was hanging out the washing and took my camera around the garden. Back left bed.

6  ) Back right bed.


7  ) Chinese style hanging basket.

8   ) Rampant Runner Beans.

9  ) 2.00pm ish I went to the Club to try and have a swim, although my lungs let me down rather today. The sauna was helpful though.


10  ) 3.10pm When I left the building, I couldn’t help notice that Falcon was now in the middle of 3 black Mercs in a row. An A class, Falcon (C estate) and an R class.

11  ) 8.20pm Friday Night Chinese.  Our Starter

12  ) And our Mains. I had the soupy one on the left. Delicious!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my diary day, 12 pictures taken on the 12th of the month.

Night, night from us here, and see you next month!

….If you’d like to read other bloggers’ 12 of 12′s, go to Chad Darnell’s Blog.

Improve your Car Air (taken from Asthma UK)

August 11, 2011

…..Read this on FB. I am a member of Asthma UK so I am happily passing this info on to you here. Seems a good way to improve your car air if you haven’t got all the extra filters, like we have!…..

Asthma UK and Corteco, one of Asthma UK’s corporate partners, have embarked on a campaign to raise awareness of the effect air pollutants have on asthma. Corteco produces filters for cars which filter the air coming in from the outside, and as 66% of people with asthma tell us that traffic fumes make their asthma worse this is something that could potentially offer some relief. A poster has been produced, which will be displayed in 35,000 garages across the country, outlining the potential effect air pollution has on asthma, and directing people to call the Asthma UK Adviceline if they have any concerns about their asthma.

‘Pollen is easy to stop,’ says Steve Jarnet, Corteco’s Sales and Marketing Manager.

‘Far more difficult to catch are the smaller particles of pollutants such as diesel particulates and brake dust. Incredibly, pollution is greater inside your car than out, so you have to be adequately protected.’

It is this essential health message that led Corteco to form a relationship with Asthma UK. Together, we organised an event in a supermarket car park where Corteco offered to change cabin air filters for free. The day proved to be a great success and an ideal platform to educate motorists in the importance of having a fully functioning cabin air filter and the potential benefit this could have on their asthma.

If you are interested in buying a cabin air filter for your car go to where you will be able to enter your details to find your nearest stockists. For every air filter sold in this way between 8 and 22 August Corteco will donate £1 to Asthma UK.

……And if I needed car filtersI would definitely be looking into these as I can definitely say, my Merc has THE best air (3 filters) and we now have them in the house in our Air Con system too…..

London’s Burning

August 9, 2011

…..We have woken up in NW London to a beautiful blue sky…..

But for a third night in a row, all over London last night vans, cars buildings shops and warehouses belched black smoke into the air.

This is London, this is where we live and it’s like a warzone.

Like everybody reading and hearing the news reports, we are equally shocked.

As a teacher I have one question: Where are their Parents? Yes we fear for the safety of the police. Yes we can only hope that this will somehow fizzle out, although I believe there are still many targets still to be hit. I truly hope not.

will continue to drive J up to work at 10pm if it is safe for me to do so, although if not, I would fear more greatly for his safety on the tube at night.

To my friends due to visit London this year and next for the Olympics: this is not the London we know. These people have come in from elsewhere and are anarchists not proud Londoners. The areas this all stems from are the poorer ghetto areas which you as a tourist would not visit. Please still visit our beautiful city. The LA riots of the early 90′s did not stop my family returning.

….But of course I not only fear for the safety of friends and relatives here, I fear personally for myself, as the air quality is sure to deteriorate with all these fires-it’s been very windy…..