Our Air Conditioning (aka The Big Chill!)

…..We now have fully installed and permanent air conditioning…..

And whilst I appreciate this is nothing original or life changing for my American, Canadian and Israeli readers, this is something quite out of the ordinary in a British house. But our house was a pseudo oven, and we have always found it unbearable in the summer months.

Julian and I are summer people. We both love the heat, but we also both love to come in to the cool. I grew up in Southern California, and Julian has joined me in being a desert lover, even with his red hair and pale skin. He is the guy who turns our car climate control down to 15c and sets every hotel room air con to minimum. I have never found that this differential between very hot and very cold upsets my lungs, except when rushing around the grocery store. Instead, what curses my breathing is the high humidity we suffer so much of the year in London. Florida is well off the map for me, Palm Springs and the dry, dry desert is my Mecca.

Julian works shifts and has a week of nights every 7 weeks. Even with a portable air con unit in the bedroom, which we have used for the last 6 years, it  becomes unbearable for him. And as the rest of the house heats up, it is impossible to cool the bricks down as we have green insulation, ie extra layers to save money on heating in the winter-barmy. We always wished the previous owners (15 years ago) had never had it put in.

So Julian and the Company we chose, after having 3 quotes and 3 draft plans drawn up, devised a system and a make of units which would dehumidify for me, chill, climate control like our car, and remove dust, pollen and bacteria from the air.

We therefore now have a 3.5kw unit in the lounge positioned so it will cool the whole of the downstairs, and 2 x 2.5kw units upstairs so they will cool every room, (except Julian’s office which is just a store room these days), and the cold air filters through the landing and down the staircase. It is ingenious. No pipe work is visible as every thing has been done in the loft. Poor men, in that heat up there. The large inverter is outside on the back wall and again, is silent. Incredible! We now have a bunch of redundant fans and the portable unit which I guess we will take to his Mum’s.

And above all, all the units are silent, and can be run as heaters in the winter (much more cheaply than our gas fired central heating), solo air fans, solo dehumidifiers, or air conditioning whilst dehumidifying. I’m not going to get all techy here, but we went with this company and used these units.

Let’s just say, in the light of the fact that we are home for the 3 weeks this August that we have always been in Palm Springs for, we really needed to do this, this year. So instead of our two vacations, we decided to fund plan and carry out this venture.

Incidentally, our lounge yesterday reached 26C and when we switched on the air con after half an hour we had got the whole house down to 20C. Sheer Bliss!

So here are some photos!

Bedroom 1: We like the way it chills Julian’s ‘Sunset in Palm Springs’ picture!

Bedroom 2 : This keeps any patient cool in our home hospital room!

In the Lounge (Bedroom 4):

Side of House Pipework (This goes up into the loft space):

Back of House Pipework (This enters Bedroom 2 and then the loft through the soffit board):

The Outdoor Multi Unit Inverter: (Conveniently hidden behind the French Windows)

And there you have it!

…..Anna-Bell says she needs to wear a jumper indoors!…..


4 Responses to Our Air Conditioning (aka The Big Chill!)

  1. Asthmagirl says:

    I love it! And my lungs are envious! Low humidity, clean air is the living, breathing end!
    And how wonderful for J to have a room he can sleep comfortably in during his shifts.
    Tell AB to visit me in Seattle! She can play with the Brute Squad and get warm!

    • Oh one day we will come to see you, we will. And we so hope to be able to travel with AB too, she’d love to play with the Brute Squad!
      I wish we had done the air con sooner then your guys could have tested it out too! xx

  2. Elisheva says:

    Your Israeli reader is jealous! Plus you made me laugh in the part where it was up to 26 and you brought it down to 20. 26 is perfect for me. Any less than that and I’m absolutely freezing. Today was a relief as the temps had gone down to “only” 31 after mid 30s for the past 3 weeks or so. I wish I had AC!

    May you, Julian and AB use your new AC in good health 🙂

    • Ha ha, when in Palm Springs we really maximise on huge outdoor heat (high 40s) and freezing cold air con, like 20c inside. Bliss. It’s the only way to cool our core temperatures-we come from a colder climate than you so our blood is thinner, which is why we feel the heat so much!

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