London’s Burning

…..We have woken up in NW London to a beautiful blue sky…..

But for a third night in a row, all over London last night vans, cars buildings shops and warehouses belched black smoke into the air.

This is London, this is where we live and it’s like a warzone.

Like everybody reading and hearing the news reports, we are equally shocked.

As a teacher I have one question: Where are their Parents? Yes we fear for the safety of the police. Yes we can only hope that this will somehow fizzle out, although I believe there are still many targets still to be hit. I truly hope not.

will continue to drive J up to work at 10pm if it is safe for me to do so, although if not, I would fear more greatly for his safety on the tube at night.

To my friends due to visit London this year and next for the Olympics: this is not the London we know. These people have come in from elsewhere and are anarchists not proud Londoners. The areas this all stems from are the poorer ghetto areas which you as a tourist would not visit. Please still visit our beautiful city. The LA riots of the early 90′s did not stop my family returning.

….But of course I not only fear for the safety of friends and relatives here, I fear personally for myself, as the air quality is sure to deteriorate with all these fires-it’s been very windy…..


5 Responses to London’s Burning

  1. Elisheva says:

    Oh my god, Sus. That’s so scary. I hadn’t checked the news today until I saw your post. Turns out it’s one of the number one headlines in Israeli news too. Stay safe and try to breathe easy. *hugs*

    • It’s ok we are safe. We’re staying put-well, apart from J who has to get to work late each night. I can’t drive him in anymore now but the BBC are providing cabs for senior staff, luckily.
      You must be used to this tho in Jeru. All our local shops shut at 3pm yday and boarded up. Police want everybody home and off the streets in towns around London.
      It is unbelievable to be happening here.

      • Elisheva says:

        I’m not used to it actually. Things don’t happen like that here. Even during the years of suicide bombings and wars, everything stayed open and people tried to live life as normally as possible. We thrive on a crazy intense “nothing-can-stop-me-from-living-my-life” mentally over here.

        I read an interview with an Israeli family who’s on holiday in London now. They said that aside from increased security (which they’re totally used to anyway), the tourist spots are all still open and downtown (where the tourists generally are), everything is fine. I hope everything completely settles down soon.

        I still love London tho. (Of course!)

  2. Danielle says:

    It’s ok Sus, I still ❤ London. Canadians had the exact same feelings when the Stanley Cup riot broke out in Vancouver (ridic!). Stay safe and breathe easy.

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