Meeting R2D2

….Musical, Yes-you should hear all the beeps he makes when you open the door, don’t belt up etc!….

….Lungs, Yes-they put brand new spanking charcoal and pollen filters in him, and his climate controlled cabin is superb!…..

So on Wednesday of this week, we picked up Julian’s new car. He has been waiting a long time for him-since March, that fateful day when a truck came round the corner too fast outside our house and whammed  into Flabby, his 22 year old sporty Peugeot and wrote the thing off 😦

And last week the dealer found us what he hoped were 3 cars and I went along and chose this one. And my Star Wars mad man aptly named him-well, he is kind of a ‘dustbin on wheels shape’ now, isn’t he?!

For the petrol heads amongst you, Julian wanted the 12v engine, and the 120 bhp model, but basically R2D2, as we’ve called him, is a 207 1.4 vti Sport. He is nippy and light-what Julian describes as pokey! and I’m really enjoying being the passenger and the driver.

He’s got a whole host of  ‘bells and whistles’, loads of airbags and side impact protection, and AB seems to like her little booster seat.

…..And best of all, he’s got that wonderful fresh valet ‘new car’ smell…..


6 Responses to Meeting R2D2

  1. Julian looks like a proud father. Doglet looks proud too.

  2. Elisheva says:

    Congrats on the new car. I hope you use it in good health! Is that a special doggy car seat?

  3. kerri says:

    Both Steve and Elisheva’s comments cracked me up. :] I’m with Elisheva — I didn’t even know they MADE doggy car seats! Will she wrangle her way outta there or is she well behaved in the car? 😉

    [I also like the picture where it looks like the cars are meeting one another! ;)]

    Enjoy the new addition! [There, now even more parental-vibes come about! :P]

    • Falcon is saying to R2, “You’re nothing but a dustbin on wheels!” I think his nose is out of joint we haven’t driven him since we got R2!!!

      I saw the car seat on an episode of the Dog Whisperer. She can’t get out she is clipped in via her harness. There’s a seat belt law for dogs here. In the big car we crate her in the back.

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