Sleepy End of Summer Stingers!

…..Be careful!…..

They’re about. They’re tired. They’re cold. They’re looking for a place to rest.

And they’re looking for some final victim to sting! And with our night time temperatures practically in single figures now, they’re pretty fed up too!

…..And on Sunday, that was me, and it hurt and caused a merry song and dance!…..


2 Responses to Sleepy End of Summer Stingers!

  1. Elisheva says:

    Oy! Sorry to hear you got stung. You’re not allergic to bees, are you?

  2. It’s a wasp! And I’m reactive but not allergic, having said that it was still a nasty event. I have been so wary of AB being stung with her insect curiosity all summer, and silly me got stung instead! Oh well, better that way round!

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