Our Wiff Waff Day!

…..Do you Wiff Waff, or should I say, Ping Pong?…..

On Saturday we had a fun Family Day to celebrate my Sister’s husband, David’s birthday, and the arrival of their new outdoor Table Tennis Table.

It was a great afternoon, the sun shone and Oliver arranged a proper tournament that Alexander won, and everybody had a go at playing Wiff Waff, well, that is, except AB and Tiger. It seems hilarious that in my Father’s photo collage, AB seems to have appeared on everybody’s laps, except the cats.

Tiger is huge-more Maine Coon than Cat. She slept all afternoon and it was AB who spotted the mouse trotting across the patio and up the grape vine!

I was so stiff the next day-I need paracetamol to get my legs going again. Mum did her back in and Dad was, well, rather wiff-waffed out!

…..In my dear old Grandparents traditional of Family Fun Days, it looks like the Wiff Waff tournament is going to become an annual event!…..


2 Responses to Our Wiff Waff Day!

  1. Elisheva says:

    I love ping pong! We had a table growing up and that was our unofficial family sport. Good times!

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