12 of 12: October 2011

…. So here follows my series of 12 photographs taken throughout today, the 12th of October, 2011….

Well, it’s a school day, so I was up at 6am. The weather has been beautiful this Autumn, with some really hot high 20s at the end of September. We have been working hard in the garden, clearing and cutting back to keep it tidy through the coming winter months. And I have just started planting the pansies for some colour. J has had some leave from work and we have been concentrating on socializing AB, taking her to as many different doggie meeting parks and doggie walkies areas as possible. She is quite the little star and is now a dog meeter and greeter  not in the least bit scared any more-an amazing transformation, thanks to Poppy’s help of course!

Anyway, this is my diary of today.


1 ) 6.15am. Somebody was refusing to wake up! Although she did with a bang about 20 seconds later when I opened the cupboard and a tin of beans fell out-crash!

2 ) 6.40am. It is so dark in the garden at this time-the clocks will be changing at the end of this month.

3 ) Around 7am ish. Logged on to google and saw what they had in store for us today, Fun!

4 ) 7.55am Arrived at school and the place looked really grim: deserted and grey skied. Sigh.

5 ) 8.00am. Who has stuck a food advert under my Orchestra schedule notice? Dumb or dumber!

6 ) 8.25am Getting ready for Choir in the Chapel. We are doing really nice music this term.

7 ) 9.15am Working on Sue’s computer in her office as I had a spare period 1 and no other room to work in. Rather bleak but at least I got a window with a view of the outside!

8 ) 11.40am Home for lunchtime nebs. And greeted by my hanging basket…..

9 )…..and newly planed tubs…..

10 )…..and gorgeous little Anna-Bell, still upstairs in bed with Daddy!

11 ) 7.10pm. Bath time and wonderful hot bubbles to soak in. Boy I needed this, have done so much planning today my brain is exploding! And that is lime cordial with my olives, in case you were wondering (I’m off wine atm!)

12 ) 8.20pm Bit late, but Dinner is served! KFC. One of my favourite fast food take out meals. Julian was insisting I had a night off cooking as I’m so bushed at the moment, so we all went out and picked up some KFC for us, and yes, Doglet got a little bit too!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my diary day, 12 pictures taken on the 12th of the month.

Night, night from us here, and see you next month!

….If you’d like to read other bloggers’ 12 of 12′s, go to Chad Darnell’s Blog.


6 Responses to 12 of 12: October 2011

  1. Elisheva says:

    Looks like a nice day. I keep meaning to put up pictures. Been so bad with 12 of 12 lately… Mmm… I love olives ❤

    Anyway, unrelated – did you get the email I sent you yesterday?

  2. Jill says:

    Look at little AB! Such a cute little lady in her pink dress. 🙂 I LOVE IT!

    We had a rainy day in New York, too.

  3. kerri says:

    I think your school day was much less boring than mine! :]

    The Mama Mia cover brings me back! I remember having the same design on tons of our choir music :] (Which company is it that uses that image?]. Is Ave Verum Corpus mandatory choir music everywhere? I remember doing that one too!

    Thanks for sharing your day with us!

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