Ciggies for Wheezies?

…..I can’t quite believe this poster! And I’m not entirely sure I’m supposed to!…..


Whilst, I whole heartedly love watching TV Series such as the BBC’s Victorian Pharmacy, I don’t remember having seen such a cure advocated or advertised. If only asthma cigarettes were truely a cure! There’d no doubt be a lot less wheezy smokers or COPD sufferers out there. And at a time when everybody is advocating a ‘smoke free’ lifestyle too.

I particularly love the ‘Not recommended for children under 6’ line!

I suppose back in the Victorian times children did pick up the habit very young. Oh Well, that’s history!

…..I hasten to add though, that I think I have got wind that this poster was a spoof from a campaign in the 1970s. You may even know the truth behind this? Interesting talking point though!…..


5 Responses to Ciggies for Wheezies?

  1. I did a presentation on the history of asthma treatment for my degree and they really did believe that smoking certain herbal cigarettes would treat the symptoms and I believe some of them contained stramonium which had a bronchodilator-effect. I remmber chatting to one of the really old consultants once who said he’d had great difficulty persuading a patient that what he really needed was inhalers rather than asthma cigarettes. I think they were available until not that long ago.

    • Clarebear says:

      Emma do you remember the speaker at the manchester weekend who used to take the cigarretes for his asthma he even had a pack to show us!
      All rather barmy treatments back then!

    • That’s very interesting re the Stramonium. I used to grow Lobelia thinking I could dry it and make a tea like the Victorians did!

      It always amazes me when I’m at the hospital and there are lung patients, on their O2 hanging around outside having a fag!

  2. No I think thats when I was poorly and they were trying to send me home early so I missed that. But I researched it all as part of my degree and my professor had written a whole book on it. He always used to say that the treatments probably had some effect, but probably not wholly effective and had a lot of unwanted side effects as well.

  3. Elisheva says:

    It’s incredible how much asthma treatments have changed and developed over the years. There’s even a noticeably big difference between the asthma treatments available when I was a kid in the 90s and the ones available now.

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