Bunged up Bubbles!

…..This is one for Home O2 users who use a Bubble Humidifier…..

  1. Don’t use tap water
  2. Change/thoroughly wash/scrub out the bottle weekly
  3. Check the O2 flow rate is exact.
Yesterday afternoon, I had to call out the O2 Engineer. Julian discovered my O2 concentrator wasn’t giving out the right amount and the flow rate I’d been breathing the night before last actually wouldn’t go above 1LPM. Disaster. It made me think was this the reason as to why I have been feeling so rotten every morning for more than the last week. Maybe what I thought were CO2 headaches were in fact lack of O2 headaches, like I used to get before I went onto overnight O2.
The long and short of it was that I hadn’t been changing the bubble humidifier bottle and I had been using tap water in it.
Two No-No’s!
So the tubing in the bottle was lime scaled up, and the flow rate was radically decreased due to the bunged-up bubble humidifier tube.
We also checked the O2 tubing (50ft round the top of the house) wasn’t kinked, and it was all fine. So the solution was easy!
  1. Change Bubble humidifier for a shiny brand new one (see mine above!)
  2. Put distilled water in it
  3. Tell Susannah off!
  4. Provide Susannah with distilled water and a bunch of new bubble humidifiers.
  5. Lecture Susannah about not doing this again!
…..And the result-A good night’s sleep on the correct flow rate and waking up without a headache!…..!

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