Happy Hallowe’en Weekend!

…..Well, all things here have gone Hallowe’en bonkers too! Something else we have to thank the US of A for!….

So my friends, readers and family, have a great Holiday Weekend. Please be safe with your young ones out Trick or Treating. I have a stack of candy ready to give out so please don’t flour bomb our nice shiny new black cars.


Anna-Bell says:

“B E W A R E   O F   T H E   S C A R Y   C H I H U A H U A!”

…..And if a black cat crosses your path, don’t forget to make a wish!…..


One Response to Happy Hallowe’en Weekend!

  1. kerri says:

    Is that how you deal with black cats in the UK? Make a wish on them? Much better than them being bad luck! :]

    Does Anna-Bell have a halloween costume? A ballerina fairy, perhaps? :]

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