To Jab or Not To Jab?

…..This is the question…..

I’m really in two minds about it this year. I think the deciding question is not going to be to do with my lungs but more  a case that I shall ask the vet this morning that if I got flu would the doglet be susceptible to it. I’m kind of sick of feeling lousy after flu shots. I’ve had bad reactions in the past and last year I got thoroughly lousily sick way before I had the jab so Lord knows why I bothered having it. Also I think my Pred is still too high. My Dr won’t do it if I’m on 40mg. So I’ve got to get the Pred down before I can have it.

This year I seem to have dodged the lurgies so far, and therefore, so far so good! And long may it continue.

Surely the best way to help my immunity increase naturally, is not to bombard it with nasties like flu shots. After all, nobody in my Family ever gets flu, they’re all so healthy!

…..Just hope my plan works out…..


3 Responses to To Jab or Not To Jab?

  1. Elisheva says:

    As far as I know, dogs can’t get the flu (child of a vet speaking… but then again, I’m not the one who did vet school). However, I have a friend (also asthmatic) who is a huge fan of Herd Immunity ( … I’ve already heard his rant about it twice. After hearing it for the second time we went together with his wife and other friend of ours to get flu shots together.

  2. Thanks, Eli7, you are full of interesting info! Vet said if I had a really bad cold and was coughing or sneezing all over her she may well be susceptible to it, but she’s just had her doggie flu shot in that annual booster that caused all the trouble on Monday!

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