AB’s Allergy Attack (07/11/11)

…..Who’d have thought our Doglet would end up like this, 45 mins after her annual booster shot…..

Monday 7th November: Injection at 1.10pm. Anaphylactic reaction at 2.00pm

It’s sure looking like she is resembling her Mummy more than ever. And thank God that I saw her face and knew exactly what was happening to her, and that J was able to rush us all back to the vet in 3 minutes. This was only the second dog they had seen with this reaction at the practice and all 4 vets came in to witness AB’s impression of a Sharpei. Thankfully her tongue was normal as was her heart rate and breathing. We were praised for our swift action.

And so our baby dog received IV steroids, IV antihistamine and some sub cut shots of the stuff too.

It started to show visible signs of all going down in about 2 hours and by the evening she was exhausted, but eating us out of house and home thanks to the steroids! And her little pointy nose was nearly all back!

She was re-checked by the vet at 9pm and given instruction for further 1mg doses of piriton and pred if necessary.

How quickly these animals recover from such a nasty episode. Survival of the fittest, I suppose.

…..I’m more than grateful for my own experience with exactly the same allergy, in knowing exactly how quickly we had to react and for Cathy, our wonderful vet in acting so quickly, and not even charging us…..



5 Responses to AB’s Allergy Attack (07/11/11)

  1. Elisheva says:

    Like mother like daughter. Or… they say people pick pets that resemble themselves. Interesting. Glad to hear she’ll feeling better! She didn’t react to shots before, did she?

    • As far as we know, all was well with her first/puppy shots a year ago, although of course she wasn’t our dog at that time. She was absolutely fine with her biggie rabies shot in the summer, and that was the one we were worried about. But the way allergy works is, the body is fine the first time it has something, but it decides it doesn’t want to tolerate it after that, so with this being the second time she has had these annual shots, hence the allergic reaction. The vet needs to find her a different type for next year. It’s the base she has reacted to, not the medication. It’s a bit like humans who are egg allergic can’t have injections such as the flu jab as they are grown in albumen.

      • Elisheva says:

        Yeah, that’s why mom was scared when each of us got our second bee stings. You can only become allergic after your first sting. So far none of us is allergic – which is cool.

  2. kerri says:

    Poor thing. Glad you knew what was happening and got her back so fast!

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