Meeting Steve!

…..I feel so blessed, for yesterday, Tuesday 22nd November 2011, Steve came to our house!…..

There are friends we have and people we meet in life that for whatever reason fulfil a purpose and a need. I have been friends with Steve for many years, online, in the capacity of our blogs, finding out about his ability to cover the marathon distance on foot, the SARP group and of course, our asthma. Which Steve always cracks me up laughing by saying is ‘hardcore’. I haven’t met anybody with asthma as severe as mine, although dare I say it, he wins!! He shares my  zest for life, lives every moment with such passion and gratitude, makes so little fuss, and  basically gets outs there and grabs every opportunity to meet the world, which is precisely what he has done on his whirl wind trip to England. He shares my “I won’t be defeated mentality”  That is to coin his phrase, hardcore.

Well yesterday, we got to have a real live hug, in person, in the flesh, when we picked him up from our local tube station at Noon. We both had tears in our eyes. It was one of those special moments I just wanted to bottle it. Something that can’t really be beaten, and means more in my heart than words could ever express.

The best thing about the afternoon-seeing Steve WELL-knowing that the adrenaline and excitement of his trip had carried him safely along without respiratory hiccup-and getting to talk face to face with the one guy who really knows what my day to day is like. I love the fact that we laughed, lots!

But guess who wheezed?

Guess who was getting SOB and had to do a neb treatment?

Guess who got all huffy puffy when we went on a little excursion to see some local history?

Not Steve! Dear oh dear. I shall laugh about that too in the future. How my lungs decided they had to embarrass me!

And not only did Steve embrace us warmly in our home, he also brought along a little something for the doglet. Yes. Anna-Bell is now the proud owner of a tiny Kong teddy, which Steve got roped into playing tuggie tuggie with, incessantly. Yuppers. Love me, love my doglet, just as our dear Chihuahua friends, Mr and Mrs AG had done when they came out to visit us on their trip to the UK in June.

I truly am blessed. All these people who give up their precious vacation time just to say ‘hello’! And I was so grateful my J was home from work and joined in our chats-somewhat spilling the beans though about what a stubborn patient I can be, but also taking some photos for the both of us.

Yes we laughed, we really did. We shared kettle chips and nibbles and we discussed and we laughed more, which has to be the best therapy of all even if I did get a little chesty!

…..So that date will go down in my diary as one of the best and most special. Hopefully to be repeated some day, maybe in SFO. Who knows. Take care, Steve, thank you, and safe flight home…..


12 Responses to Meeting Steve!

  1. Asthmagirl says:

    I love this post! I’m so glad you and Steve got to meet finally! It seems your home is becoming the asthma embassy of the UK!
    Here’s to meeting our asthma friends in real life. No one understands “spurny” lungs like we do!

  2. Steve says:

    Wow… you make me sound like a saint…

    Believe me, the feeling is mutual. Finally getting to meet you was the highlight of my trip to the UK. Thank you for inviting me into your home and making me feel comfortable. You and Jay (and AB) are super hosts. I hope you’re breathing today better than you were during our visit. You had me a little worried there.

    I feel very fortunately to be able to travel to all these wonderful places and meet such kind and loving people . Please take care Susannah. Stay positive and enjoy life as much as you can.

    See you the next time I’m in your part of the world!

    • See you a next time, definitely. I’ll try and get the bellows to behave when I do next meet up with you. Apologies for worrying you, but that’s how mine are You’ve just experienced Sus’s lungs! x

  3. Elisheva says:

    So exciting! Great post. Looking forward to meeting you too. In less than two weeks!!

  4. kerrierri says:

    This is so exciting! :] [I’m a litte jealous of all the meet-ups going on recently and in the near future. I feel all far away over here in Canada 😉 — not that Steve didn’t have to go a long way!]

    Glad you lovelies had fun!!

    • I so wish I could hop on a plane to Canad’a. I want to experience your winter. I say that every year! You got to go to Chicago to visit with Rona which was just beautiful. I’m so happy that between us this year we have met a bunch of us. It’s just wonderful.

      I think you and I are due a Skype video call at some point-wanna name some times? xx

  5. kerri says:

    Haha, I enjoy that the last comment published as kerrierri ;). Oops.

  6. I thought that was rather bizarre too. Shall we make it your new name? Kerrierri!!! x

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