A Visit from Elisheva!

…..So a 3rd member of my worldwide online community came to visit with us at home in London…..

Or as my Dear friend, AG, who started this whole visiting ball rolling back in June said, our house is fast becoming the Asthma Embassy of London!

I picked Eli7 up from Ruislip station on a cold and frosty Monday morning, after her early 6am start from Luton airport. Geez, why do people visit England in the Winter! Brrrr.

We went home and settled her in comfortably on the same sofa Steve had sat on, 2 weeks previously-(I should get a plaque of the names of all my visitors who have sat there, actually!)

And the doglet appeared and jumped all over Elisheva and had her usual tuggie tuggie fun and games! AB was extremely fascinated in Eli7’s rucksack-could have been due to the enormous stash of chocolate she had with her! She gave us lovely gifts of Israeli Halva and Bittersweet chocolate with nougat in which sounds amazing.

We chatted away happily -Britain’s Got Talent, Eurovision Song contest, all things Jewish, and of course, Eli7’s WAD party!-and at 10am decided to go to my Club to have a posh coffee. It was a nice drive in the frostiness and I hope she enjoyed seeing something of our surrounding area and actually how rural we are here.

The Club was bustling. They had a Christmas bazaar on and everybody was wearing funny hats which really amused her. I showed her my pool where I swim so she can now picture me there. She seemed amused by the reserved parking space up front that I have my badge for!

We got back home at about 11.30am and Julian was awake and up (he’d been working all weekend and was whacked out!). This meant we were able to get him to take the statutory photo.

I then did my ‘Jewish Mother’ impression and made her a packed lunch of kosher cream cheese and bagels to eat on the long train journey up north, and got her back to Ruislip station at 12pm in time to get to Euston for her 1.30pm train.

**J and I were very relieved to hear when she was on the train, munching and ready to depart.**

It was such a lovely morning, meeting with a special friend who had journeyed so far. And so confident to travel alone in a strange country and I’m glad that now she is back on her Symbicort – she was breathing excellently.

…..However, I have a strong suspicion that when she arrived in the Lake District that evening, they’d had heavy snow! Safe travels, Eli7 and enjoy Barcelona next week…..


4 Responses to A Visit from Elisheva!

  1. Danielle says:

    Mmmm Halva… drool!! So jealous of you guys. Well if I’m ever in London I will be sure to visit!!

  2. Elisheva says:

    Really great post.

    Can’t say it enough times – thanks for having me! 🙂

    So far you’ve been the only one in this country to properly talk BGT and ESC with me. (Hence so far you’re the coolest.)

    Rural???? Reading that made me laugh. I’m in real rural right now. Sitting in a 200+ year old house that used to be a barn in a village no one’s heard of. I’ve seen more sheep here than people. It was raining and hailing when I got in (I had to keep reminding myself not to get too overexcited) and there was some snow this morning but it barely stuck to the ground.

    Sus, as I said several times in person, you make an amazing Jewish mother.

    Also – thanks for the compliments! What will be a challenge will be travelling alone in Spain. I’ve travelled around England alone before – tho still do feel very much like a foreigner. And when you say I was breathing excellently, it makes it actually sound like some sort of feat I should be proud of. So why thank you! Symbicort is an amazing drug. When you take it regularly. Apparently.

  3. kerri says:

    Oh my goodness, I love this so much! I laughed out loud at several points :]. As I just exclaimed to Elisheva on Facebook, I love that you made her lunch. That’s so sweet!!

    As I told my mom yesterday, I’m so jealous that all my online friends are meeting each other, and I need to go on an adventure!!!

    Fabulous recap of the day, Sus — almost felt like I was there :].

  4. […] Landed here late Sunday night.  Monday morning met with Sus (which you can read about in detail here) and then went up north to spend a couple of days with my aunt and uncle in the lake district.  […]

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