It’s The ‘Pepper Nose Feverish Coldy’ Time!

…..I have a cold!…..

But not that you’d really notice, I just feel utterly crap as opposed to those who sound coldly crap or look it with their noses running down their face. Mine never does that. It’s the low grade fever and headache and my itching peppery nose that makes me feel so  bleugh!

Having survived almost the whole term dodging germs of all sizes, we went to Mark and Kate’s wedding on Saturday and it seems I’ve brought more than memories away with me. Somebody I hugged or air kissed has breathed the lurgy of the moment over my persona and I’m now riddled with a pepper nose (feel I want to sneeze all the time), ear ache and a fever.

Oh well, nothing I can do really except take the Lemsip to school with me and keep warm-fat chance in our ‘practically below the legal limit music room that I’m teaching in first thing!’-and drink loads to wash it out of me. Doesn’t feel like this is anything more than a head cold, so I shouldn’t be fussing, but it’s already got me in a quandary over my Pred reduction. I’ve been struggling on 30mg-and already so SOB that things are really tough and very uncomfortable-and to think, the plan was I was actually going to go down to 25mg on Friday-big problem there, me thinks that may have to wait. I’m racked with aches and pains as it is and feeling yeuch from the less Pred, how simply dare a cold now show it’s ugliness. As if I haven’t got a big enough case of the reduction blues already.

…..Oh well, off to school to mingle my germs with those of approximately twelve hundred others!…..

Post Script: The second this hints at going south I’m bringing in the SAS!



3 Responses to It’s The ‘Pepper Nose Feverish Coldy’ Time!

  1. Elisheva says:

    You were just telling me (in real life!) about how you never get colds. Sorry to hear you’re sick. Feel better soon!

    What time do you go to sleep? I’m sleeping in Luton tonight and I have UK phone minutes to use up…

  2. Les Hereward says:

    Hope the pepper nose goes away with the wind. So interested in your positive jottings sitting here feeling depressed and marking work…. worrying about air trapping and wondering what has happened/is happening to my lungs. Such small things compared to what you live with and through.

  3. So sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the air trapping. Wretched horrible feeling, don’t we know it! Are you under a specialist lung doc/hospital? Physio can help you cope with feeling so SOB.

    What were you marking/what do you teach. Feel free to email me if you like.

    Lovely of you to stop by!


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