Hark, the Herald Angels Are Singing “It’s the Last Day of Term!”

…..The Christmas Holidays start TODAY!…..

The Newsflash!

  • I made it!
  • I’ve only had one day off sick this term!
  • I am actually more pleased with my teaching than I have been in recent years-(thanks to my lovely supportive department & colleagues)
A distant memory!
  • This time last year I was sick for 5 1/2 weeks-thankfully no repeat!

The Big However!

  • I still have a rotten sinusitis and earache and am rattling away here.
  • My lungs are struggling to keep up with my head, at around 40% and I’m finding the slightest thing tough.
  • It’s just started sleeting outside and snow is forecast for later today (Luckily the doglet has snow boots!)
  • All I want is a duvet day! (Tomorrow-legit!)

And if I have any puff left in these rattly old bellows, here’s an alternative carol for today:

Asthma Boys, Asthma Girls,

Wheezing all the way

Oh what fun it is to take

Loads of Pred a day!

Asthma Boys, Asthma Girls,

Coughing all the way

Oh What fun it is to take so

Many nebs a day!

….. Congratulations to all my Teacher colleagues for surviving another gruelling Autumn Term and for all my pupils for surviving my broken sentences!…..


4 Responses to Hark, the Herald Angels Are Singing “It’s the Last Day of Term!”

  1. kerri says:

    Glad you made it through the term! I hope you start feeling better quick, and that you didn’t crash too much following our amazing Skype call this afternoon <3.

    Enjoy that "duvet day"! :]

    • That was such fun last night! What a way to celebrate eachother’s terms finishing. Awesome Skypeness!
      And today I got to wake up at 8am.
      And then go back to bed with J and AB after I’d fed her and taken her out. Total bliss!! X

  2. michellelangille says:

    Congrats Sus!!!! Hope this cold goes soon!!! I’m stealing your Asthma carol!!!! Hugs!

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