A Cracking Christmas, 2011

…..It’s been the most amazing Christmas Period. Let me tell you why….

  • Julian and I have seen every single one of our relatives, close and distant, on both sides of the family. My cousin Mark’s wedding on the 10th of December brought together my Mum’s long lost brothers, their children, my cousins and their new babies. I haven’t seen such a gathering of my mother’s extended family since my Gran’s funeral a few years ago. And on Boxing Day all of Julian’s brother’s family-plus their au pair-came. Again we seldom see them! We have had several visits with Aunt Margaret-106 years old and still going strong, and on Thursday, Auntie Trudi arrived to stay with Kizzie for a days, from Portugal. It’s been an amazing and emotional gathering of all the various factions.
  • I’ve managed to stay pretty well. Well, no dashes to the hospital for Bipap, at any rate. And no horrendous chest infections like last year. And even though my neb and O2 usage is still greater than normal, I’m coping with my increased SOB, and I am getting out every day and walking the doglet and I have managed a few swims.
  • I’m seemingly playing my Oboe again. Spurred on by a new friend over the pond with a similar lung situation to mine, and an oboist with it! I even knocked up Jonny a couple of reeds and had a blow with him on our Fake New Year’s Day on Thursday!
  • We’ve laughed and laughed. So many funnies. Mum’s paper games were ace. Pomegranates anyone? Jonny’s F1 helmets quiz-OMG. I missed out on Oliver’s Simpsons quiz, but I’ve heard it should be on Mastermind. And I did fairly ok in Julian’s Film Posters quiz at our luncheon.
  • Anna-Bell has continued to make us proud and prove that she really is one of the family-the dearest sweetest little doglet, all dressed up in her Christmas finest. Everybody adores her , and has had a long cuddle with her, and we’ve now had her 11 months.

And just to prove it, here are a few photos from Rounds 1, 2 and 3. New Year’s Day is still to come, but you can bet it will be a blast!

…..What a brilliant time we had!…..


3 Responses to A Cracking Christmas, 2011

  1. Natasha says:

    Sus, of all the posts I have read here and elsewhere, the one where you talk about listening to an old recording of you playing the oboe is the one that has stuck in my heart.

    I can’t tell you how happy it made me yesterday when you said you’d been playing, I really, really hope that this is something you can continue with.


    • Oh, Tash. I remember writing that post. And I remember the recording my student/ex pupil was playing me. Sadly though every recording of me is now lost due to it being on cassette back in my playing days and they’ve all been chucked- disintegrated. One of the sadnesses of my old life. Ho hum. Looks like I’ll have to get recording again in 2012. Need to work on the stamina though! X

  2. Elisheva says:

    This post all around makes me so happy! Happy you’ve been playing again (really really impressed!) and so happy (and a bit jealous) that you’ve had a chance to see your extended families. They all live in or around the UK then? My family (extended out to aunts, uncles and first cousins) is spread throughout Israel, the UK, Germany and three American states. Tho it was incredibly nice to see my family over in jolly old England (including some of my new blog family ;))pretty recently.

    Happy New Year, Sus!

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