Bolus Dosing

June 23, 2011

….Yesterday I had to bolus dose a huge amount of Prednisolone….

I’d been back at baseline-10mg-for around a month but I could feel lately, things have been getting quite twitchy with all the pollen and rain and humidity. Yesterday was an awkward lung day. I cancelled my Physio as I thought it would be too extreme: Autogenic Drainage plus the coughing and no point in deliberately coughing myself into another attack or spasm. So I contacted my Consultant to say I felt I was slipping and could I whack a big Pred dose. The email came back immediately saying to take a whacking great 50mg or 60mg depending on how I was after nebbing from my O2 concentrator-which is slow, but does boost the vitals. My Sats were not terrible, mid 80s on air, but went back into the low 90s after a couple of nebs at lunchtime. And although the tightness prevailed, I knew I was still heaving air and very uncomfortable. So at tea time I bolus dosed a whacking great 60mg, which bumped my oral Pred for the day up to 70mg!

I have had a weird night of drifting in and out of wild floaty dreams, whilst propped up in bed on 5L of O2. And I am now greater than thirsty! Drunk a huge amount of water through the night and was craving coke before that-hoping that the theobromide in it would boost my Aminophylline levels! I do feel a lot better and have definitely nipped this attack in the bud and done the right thing.

I’ve also been instructed to take a lunchtime dose of my Advair for a few days-this will put me 3 times over the limit for the LABA component. Sigh, dodgy heart rate and chronic shakes!

If the proof that I am going to school smiling as usual is not enough, I blew a 59% which is low yellow and therefore proves the Pred has kicked in. Still dodging a pants FEV1 of 0.8, but hey, that’s me!

Medical definition says of Bolus dose = “medication administered rapidly to decrease the response time”

….Well, I sure did the rapid bit and it sure has worked quickly….


We’ve all got Hay Fever!

June 3, 2011

…..All 3 of us are sneezing, even little Anna-Bell!…..

It seems the dreaded summer allergy season has hit Tow Towers all at the same time. Julian and I have got the same symptoms and Anna-Bell keeps sneezing like you wouldn’t believe when she goes in the garden to play!

The pressure is high but we have had no rain so the pollutants and pollen have become down right nasty here. Julian and I have both got these non stop muzzy heads, and sinus pressure and aching ears, plus of course, the sneeziness and wheeziness in my case and itchiness in all our eyes, A-B’s included.

I guess it’s a case of keep on doing the old adages, close those open windows at dusk when it all comes down, wash those net curtains weekly, shower off after being outside, don’t wear outdoor clothes laying down on the bed for a nap (very guilty), and stay out of the outdoors at the worst pollen forecast times.

We are both on Nasonex and A-B is having her eyes bathed with cold water when they get really watery. It doesn’t seem to bother her, but how would she tell me if she also had The Headache?!

It’s been such a glorious summer so far, and neither of us suffer that badly although I have noticed my SATS have dropped and I am currently really feeling much more huffy puffy than I was, so my chest is a bit off it’s recent good norm. I’m almost down to baseline Pred but don’t want to do that last 5mg drop yet as every time I plan it I have a chesty attack and get reminded I probably need more. It’s just a number so I’m not going to beat myself up over one extra red tablet!

…..So I’m off to wash my eyes out again-typing this in the garden has been a challenge too!…..

Wednesday Weevils Wobble!

May 26, 2011

…..I wobbled after school  last night…..

Couldn’t get out of that after school Faculty meeting yesterday afternoon quick enough-was pelting down the corridors of doom on the top floor on full speed-even poor Scootie was puffing!

I got home and thought I was going to faint. That weird blood sugar low feeling when you come over all shaky and sweaty and very peculiar feeling. Checked my O2 SATS: 83%. That explained it. I’m also now almost at baseline Pred so this is my wobbly crucial time too. Texted Julian-mini riot act was read to me-put your O2 on now and sit still. So that I did. An initial 10 mins of 5L and then down to my rescue me 3L level.

No walking AB slowly round the block so I let her run amok chasing pigeons in the garden whilst I sat on the bench with E.T. in the shade and breathed in deeply. And had a cup of tea and some marmite rice cakes to pick me up off the floor, energy wise.

I used to get so air trappy on Wednesdays as it is such a hard teaching day for me and I back up so much stale CO2 talking like that-add to that a rehearsal p5 and a meeting and I was literally on my knees.

I couldn’t even detect the pollen or the ash cloud-double weirdness-it was all just my dysfunction not that of the air outside for once.

Going to have to check my enthusiastic pace today-I’ve got my band and some musicians playing for a Eucharist first lesson and have to keep going for another after school session-detention duty.

 …..I really don’t want to come home in that fit for nothing state again today!….

((Half term in 2 days and counting!))

Sofa Slumbering!

March 6, 2011

…..It seems that every night, without fail, Anna-Bell and I konk out on the sofa for a nap that usually lasts about 2 hours!….

And whilst this snoring is going on (the dog not me!) Julian catches up with watching backlog episodes of Deal or or Deal (enough to send anybody to sleep) and plays around with his Nikon and macro!

It’s not just because I have a dog to cuddle that I fall asleep the second dinner is over, it’s just that my body works so hard to get through the day on half a normal person’s lungs, that everything is really twice as much effort and I go through life permanently shattered. It has unfortunately been getting steadily worse, this need of mine to sleep at a moment’s notice, although I really do not sleep well in bed at night. Crazy! And yes, I do have lower oxygen levels in my body which drains me, and yes, I do sleep at night with oxygen so perhaps I should be wearing it when I’m sleeping in the evening too-something Julian goes on and on about to me!

In the Autumn/Winter when I was so sick before Christmas, I spent weeks upstairs in bed, needing those duvet days of total R and R, TV, snacks and chicken soup. But in January, at exactly the same time as getting Anna-Bell, we also got two new sofas for our TV room, one of which is a sofa bed ((canny move there, Sus!))

So instead of napping upstairs, or going to bed early like any sensible person would do, we all curl up on the big black leather sofa with the warm, furry throws-bought with the dog in mind!

I do feel sorry for Julian. We used to have a great little social life-the odd meal out: the odd drink at the pub which is walking distance for a healthy guy. Now I feel we are pinned in by my chronic and constant exhaustion. We do occasionally go out for a drive after dinner. Something that was fun over Christmas to see the lights and the snow. Now we put the Puppy to bed (she sure needs her sleep too,) and we pile in the warm merc. I love these night drives, but I’m always on the verge of drooping eyelids as we ogle the big houses on the private estate in Northwood!

Of course it’s really nice to get the occasional take-out but I do miss odd meals out. Although the economy has sure put paid to that too! I’m really hoping I can improve my level of fitness to something a bit better than hibernation now that Spring has sprung. I am back enjoying my swimming at the Club-wretched rib pain and asthma permitting, and I want to enjoy the longer days and lighter evenings instead of feeling, (and sadly, I do feel this), that I am sleeping my life away.

So OK, I haven’t been at all well, actually J hasn’t either. It’s truly been a bummer of a winter.

…..But we have new sofas and a new puppy to cuddle, so, you know, I might just continue this sofa slumbering, until the weather really warms up, and so what!……

Le Verdict!

November 1, 2010

….I took my cough to the Drs this morning!….

That Cough. Le Cough. Le Appointment. Le Docteur. Le Veridct. (Le Boring!)

And this is what transpired, bearing in mind  that my Drs is just doors away and I can leave home 5 minutes before my appointment time! So I generally go straight in as they don’t like to keep me sitting in Le Germ Factory aka Waiting Room!

  • I coughed as I walked the corridor leading to her door-she heard it!
  • I told her I’d had the Flu last week and still had The Cough. She couldn’t believe I’d managed to catch the flu before getting my shot (and I still haven’t had it!)
  • She tapped my back and listened  to my crackles.
  • Verdict: Not much air moving in my basals-lots of “creps” pity she didn’t prescribe “crepes!”
  • She said it was all rattling around but understood how with my low PEF it is very hard to expectorate sufficiently. I told her my bottle of Benylin had been purely ‘feel good’ and the antibiotics were only just taking effect.
  • She asked if I had dared blow a PF last week and I said I hadn’t. So she had me blow 2 there and then, and the highest was 220 (about 61%)
  • She asked what I was doing with my Pred , to which I answered ‘upping it for odd doses if I was really chesty but hopefully remaining at 20mg’. She bought that! After all, my asthma has been surprisingly under control through this whole Cough thing.
  • She checked my SATS. 91% on 2L O2. Not surprising considering the thickness of the phlegm I’ve got lingering in my lungs.

So she talked about Carbocisteine. And prescribed me a thrice daily dose of the syrup-tastes like rum, smells like cinnamon!

Oh and to carry on with the antibiotics for another week. So wrote me up for another stock packet of them.

And off home I went, via the pharmacy and picked up ‘Les Medicines’.

But why have I come over all French?

Well, because I now have a French cough syrup to add to my Greek Seretide and Italian Nexium.

And even the ingredients and dosage instructions are in French too. (Wish it was Rum-I’m already not that mad on the flavour of the stuff-3 times a day-yeuch!)

….So much for Britain  staying separate from Europe, quite amusing really, we’re borrowing all their drugs, and my Euro collection of medications is ever increasing!….

Our Dizzy Desert Days…

August 21, 2010

….are BACK again!….

Can you tell from my side bar SATS and Stats that we are back in Palm Springs?

After an all time O2% low in Page, Arizona, of 86% I have actually woken up this morning feeling energised with SATS of 95%-just 1% below where I should be after a night on 2L.

Our drive back here yesterday was long (530 mies). Everything in US terms is bigger. The weather has been hotter, the altitudes higher, the distances driven greater. We love this country. God Bless it. We have just driven the equivalent of  1/6th of the way across it and we are-as we say, ‘cream crackered’!

And now-safely returned to our Desert-these are the things I will instantly notice today:

  • There’ll be no clouds-the sky will be an enormous, open expanse of blueness.
  • There will be no humidity and no afternoon monsoon thunder showers and lightening shows
  • Julian will not have an ‘altitude sickness’ headache.
  • The kettle will boil at 100c and we will make decent tea!
  • My emergency superglue will not explode when I open it.
  • Alcohol will have less effect!!
  • Susannah will breathe without sounding like a steam train.

Of course there are more things:

  • Palm Trees-you should have heard us whooping for joy when we saw Palm Trees as we entered the Coachella.
  • Our Mountains-Granite not red rock!
  • Our underground parking lot-not having to put the windshield sunshade up many times a day!

But don’t get me wrong. We had THE BEST time in Page, AZ-which is why we went back there this year-and for longer, too-and we are planning another trip there, but maybe not for 2 or 3 years!

But we are desert rats. We come here to Heat and Eat our way through the summer.

Julian and I are are going to enjoy sifting through his 7 Gigabytes of photos (he tells me!-14 bit Raws+Jpeg Basic, HDRs Panoramas etc)….

….And today, I will be able to swim again….

Desert Updates!

August 8, 2010

….Thought this would be interesting for me to trackback to, at least!….

  • Pari Neb:  is totally behaving himself after my pre-vacation panic over his on/off switch’s reliability!
  • Swimming: I am keeping it up by doing a daily 40 minute swim at about the same tempo= approx 1 km
  • SATS: They’re seeming to be better, but I am dropping them after exercise-However, I definitely feel less SOB
  • PFs: I’ve so far more than flirted with the green zone-almost managed a 90% yesterday. Improving!
  • Walking: I’m trotting around in my usual slow/stop manner but with more energy and less cramps
  • Sleeping: Definitely sleeping well here-the bed is enormous and unreal in it’s supreme comfort!
  • Music-ing: I’m itching to play the grand piano in the lobby. Do you think if I whack out a Titanic rendition the Manager will give us another beautiful bottle of wine?!

….See how the desert is so good for me, and this is after just 4 whole days!….