My Info


Eating Ice Cream (Coldstones & Baskin Robbins) and Pizza (my rather forbidden food, non GF!)
Swimming, SOB/ Asthma depending!
(One time regular half marathon runner)Performing as a Pianist/Organist, Accompanist, Examiner and Educator

The Times Saturday Jumbo Crossword



Chihuahua Lover and Owner of Anna-Bell (Born 5th August 2010, adopted 28th January 2011)

Gentle Gardening-Rose Growing, Summer Vegetable cultivation and Bird Feeding.
Cooking, Homemaking
Travelling ‘back home’ to California and the South Western USA (very good for my Lungs)
Arsenal Football (soccer) Team
Apple Computers and iPhones, iPods Ambitions:
Simply-to live another day, and to live it to the full.

I would really really love to eat at The French Laundry,Yountville, California (Thomas Keller’s flagship restaurant)

Ambitions achieved in 2009:

We somehow got little me and the dodgy pair of lungs to:

The Racetrack Playa, Death Valley,California (April )


The Wave, Paria Canyon, Utah/Arizona (August).

These were the two places I have only ever dreamed of going to.

(Thank you my Julian for driving the miles and miles of bone shaking washboard dirt roads!)

Favourite Music:

Bach, Beethoven, Bernstein, Bob MarleyAllegri Miserere
Pachelbel’s Canon

The list is infinite really….
If it has notes, I love it….

Favourite TV Programmes:

Dragon’s Den
University Challenge Barefoot Contessa Cookery Shows
Watching Arsenal win!

Favourite Films:

Father of the Bride 1  and 2

Beverley Hills Chihuahua

Legally Blonde 1 and 2


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